The very anticipated Selena series on Netflix discovered its lead v Christian Serratos. The Twilight alum is taking on the iconic role of the so late Mexican singer, who was most famously illustrated on display by Jennifer Lopez in the 1997 film, Selena. 

Christian is no stranger come Hollywood, and she's appeared in part iconic teen roles before making the transition to famous mainstream TV. She likewise has an beloved family, whom she features on her social media accounts. 

But who specifically is Christian Serratos? every the details ~ above the upcoming Netflix series and where you've seen her prior to (hint: alongside Shailene Woodley).

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When Netflix announced in December the 2018 the they were developing an original series based top top Selena Quintanilla's early career, the public began speculating regarding who might take on the iconic role. 

Though Jennifer Lopez to be nominated for a gold Globe compensation for her portrayal that the singer, when news of she casting broke in 1996, civilization weren't happy due to the fact that she isn't Mexican. 

Speculation has existed because that months that Christian would take ~ above the function (she's a quite dead ringer for the so late singer), yet the news was finally confirmed when Netflix released the show's trailer top top Nov. 11.

In the series' trailer, Christian's challenge is hidden from check out as she character memorizes lines and also practices she singing and dance moves. Christian's disclose comes in ~ the end, and also fans room thrilled the the speculation proved to be true.

The very first still indigenous the collection has also been released, and also Christian deserve to be seen placing Selena's top red lipstick on. 

Confirmation the Christian's starring role on the collection was complicated, as she has actually been starring on The wade Dead as Rosita Espinosa. Selena: The collection has already been confirmed for a minimal two season run.


The plot centers approximately the months before Selena hit mainstream fame, and also how she achieved her recognition. Netflix called it together a "coming-of-age" series. Lot of of Selena's own family members are creating the series, and also they have talked out around their support for the show.

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Christian has actually been acting for a little over a decade, even though she's just 28 years old. She make her acting debut in 2004 in the Nickelodeon series, Ned's Declassified institution Survival Guide together Ned Bigby's ultimate crush, Suzie Crabgrass. 

She likewise did guest spots on Zoey 101, 7th Heaven, and Hannah Montana. She additionally was featured in the Disney Channel initial movie Cow Belles v Aly and also A.J. Michalka. 


Christian's big break was being actors in the fourth and also fifth periods of The an enig Life the the American Teenager, wherein she played Raven. The controversial show focused on the teenager pregnancy that Amy Juergens, who was played by Shailene Woodley. 

Christian's character Raven was the ex-girlfriend of Daniel, who was dating main character Grace. Raven came between Daniel and Grace, and she served as a huge resource of drama throughout her operation on the show.

She additionally played Angela Weber, among Bella Swan's finest friends, in the first four movie in the Twilight series. Christian was cast on Season 4 that The walking Dead in 2014, and also she's been on the present ever since. TWD is at this time airing that is 10th season. 

Christian has been date David Boyd, the lead singer of the Danish band, New Politics, because 2014. In in march of 2017, Christian announced on Instagram that the pair to be expecting their an initial child together. 

Their daughter, Wolfgang Serratos Boyd, to be born in may of 2017. Christian has actually shared multiple images of she daughter due to the fact that she to be born, however none display her complete face. 


Christian has actually shared her motherhood trip on social media, also poking fun at the joys of motherhood with photos of she daughter attempting to perform her makeup. She additionally shared a picture of her breastfeeding Wolfgang earlier in 2017, which was met through some backlash. She responded by speak it was she page, and also she to be entitled to post what she wanted. 

watches one assembly tutorial... If girlfriend wanna see exactly how to get this look, then keep on scrolling... 😂

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Part 1 that Netflix's Selena will premiere in 2020, though the precise release date has yet to be released. Further spreading news is additionally unclear in ~ this time. 

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