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Have you ever before wondered how to cash a an individual check when you don’t have actually a bank account? Or where you have the right to cash a inspect right now and also what the charges would certainly be?

You might need come cash a inspect from a friend since you’re traveling out of state, or you might have an online bank or you may simply not have a financial institution account in ~ all.

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If someone writes girlfriend a check and also you nothing have accessibility to your own bank, you may have actually a problem.

Don’t fret, there space several methods you have the right to cash a check without a financial institution account.

Here’s exactly how you deserve to do it.


1 A. Retailers & Grocers the Cash personal Checks2 B. Banks, Apps or credit Unions that will certainly Cash A Check3 C. The most EXPENSIVE places to Cash a Check

Places That will Cash a an individual Check

There room a number of places that will cash her check.

It is a little bit risky because that them because if the inspect bounces due to insufficient accumulation they will have to come after friend to collect the money.

They all will certainly ask for part form that ID and also keep that info on paper until the examine clears.

Most of this locations and also banks perform charge a fee come cash your check. Some fees room minimal (like Kmart and also a few Banks) yet others deserve to really charge huge amounts (up come 5 percent that the value of the check).

If you’re careful and also ask the best questions, you deserve to minimize the fees girlfriend pay and also maximize the quantity of money you’ll get to keep.

Below is our list of 11 areas that will certainly cash a check (some with minimal fees).

At the bottom that the post is a list of stores that will certainly cash other varieties of check for friend (payroll, money orders, and government), yet will NOT cash a examine written to you through a friend.

A. Retailers & Grocers the Cash an individual Checks


Many grocery store stores and retailers list miscellaneous money solutions on your websites. Things choose Western Union, Cashiers Checks and Money Orders can be purchased or offered to send money.

Most of this stores will cash payroll and also government checks, and also a couple of of them say they will certainly cash a examine written come you personally.

As we’ve researched this topic, we dubbed several shop that noted the cashing of personal checks. We uncovered that countless parent companies allow the stores to determine their very own policies. As a result, some will cash a an individual one, yet others won’t.

So it’s constantly a good idea come call ahead and also ask if they have the right to cash her check.

Here’s a shortlist of the larger grocery chains that can help you.

1. Huge Eagle grocery store Stores

If friend live in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland or Indiana you can cash a examine written by a friend to you at one of large Eagles 229 stores.

You won’t get cash for your check, however you will gain equal value placed on a gigantic Eagle advantage Card to invest in your store.

You’ll need a government-issued identifier to it is in eligible come cash a check.

They usage a third-party verification system and also will likewise review your check cashing history before providing you her money.

It’s not clear if they fee a fee because that cashing a check and putting the worth on their advantage card. But they do charge a fee for cashing a payroll or government check.

– Get large Eagle’s examine Cashing policy here– find a gigantic Eagle

2. Kmart

Kmart stores are becoming rarer together their parent company struggles financially and also they shut down stores in many locations. However, if you can find a store close to you, they do offer the choice of cashing an individual and payroll checks. They are one of the the very least expensive options.

They will certainly cash a inspect written for approximately $500 and also charge a fees of $1.

They will also cash paychecks, and also government-issued checks for as much as $2000 for the exact same fee.

Kmart Restrictions

– federal government checks approximately $2,000– Payroll checks up to $2,000– Two-party checks approximately $500

– get Kmart’s check-cashing details– discover a Kmart here

While Kmart has actually the best price for check cashing the variety of stores they have is decreasing. As of august 2018, they had around 340 areas left open.

Before heading come a Kmart, call very first to make certain the store is tho open.

3. Publix

Publix does cash an individual and payroll check at all stores. You’ll require to provide a driver’s license, state-issued picture identification card, or armed forces identification.

Fees: $3 come $6– obtain Publix details

Publix Restrictions:

Maximum that $75 every day (this border is really limiting and one the the most expensive options for cashing a check)

– find a Publix

4. Walmart

As the the autumn of 2018 Walmart joined the ranks of stores that will cash a record check. They do have some boundaries though. They will cash a inspect written come you if you bring a government ID and also if your check is less than $200.

Fees: $4 – $8Maximum Value: $200

Government-issued or Payroll check Cashing fees and limits:

For checks approximately $1000…………………………………….. $3For checks between $1001 to $5000………………… $6


You deserve to take your check to any checkout roadway to cash it. Castle limit your transaction to $5000 except in between January and April when they raise the border to $7500. Get an ext details at Walmart.com

5. Transact application from 7-Eleven

7-Eleven has a prepaid MasterCard. If you additionally download the Transact App, you deserve to load checks right onto her prepaid MasterCard.

All you have to do is open the app and also take a picture of the check using her cell phone. You have the right to designate the inspect to be added to the balance of your Transact Prepaid Mastercard.

Get the application for iOS and Android

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B. Banks, Apps or credit transaction Unions that will certainly Cash A Check

Many banks will cash a inspect written by one of their account holders there is no charging friend a fee.

Look at your check for the name of the issuing bank. This is walking to it is in the easiest location to cash the check.

Image courtesy that Nate D Sanders Auctions

Most financial institutions will cash a personalized inspect written come a non-account holder for a fee. Part will just cash a check that is created from among their account holders.

You should be ready to show some form of ID once attempting to cash a check at a bank.

Here is a shortlist of few of the large banks that will certainly cash your check.

6. Bank of AmericaNon Customers: $67. BBVA Compass BankNon Customers: $88. BMO Harris Non Customers: $10 (must be $50 or more and attracted from BMO Harris account)9. Chase BankNon Customers:$8 (photo identifier required)10. FifthThird financial institution (Lowest Fee)Non Customers: 1% that the check’s value – Max $4.A $500 check will price you $5 to cash.11. SunTrust Non Customers:Free for checks less than $50; $7 if more than $5012. United state BankNon Customers:$7

13. Wells Fargo (our an individual experience v this bank causes us not to introduce them)

Non Customers: $7.50

14. InGoMoney.com

InGoMoney.com and their application are one easier means to cash a check without a bank account, but it’s likewise one the the an ext expensive ways.

The Ingo Money business is detailed to girlfriend by first Century Bank, N.A., a nationally hired bank, so her checks and also your money are always cleared and handled by a national financial institution regulated through the federal federal government until lock reach your account issuer.

The service is allowed and facilitated by Ingo Money, Inc., which offers the mobile application technology

Founded in 2001, Ingo Money built a strong structure in threat management. The company developed devoted operational and also risk administration technologies to begin pushing cash digitally in 2007.

Since that time, Ingo Money has rapidly broadened in the FinTech market to accomplish both the service needs of efficiency, revenue generation and also regulatory compliance, and the consumer’s expectations for instant access to money in the medium of your choice.

Visit InGoMoney.com to learn much more

Standard Pricing Fees: 1% come 5%PrePrinted Payroll & federal government Checks: $250 or less ($5)More 보다 $250 (2%)All various other Checks & Money Orders$100 or less ($5) /More than $100 (5%)

C. The many EXPENSIVE locations to Cash a Check

If you Google “Check Cashing locations Near Me” you’re likely to discover Title Loan, quick Cash stores and payday loan service providers pop up.

We nothing recommend doing business with these types of services, together they are among the many expensive options for cashing a examine written by a friend to you.

We would love to see these businesses close up door down because they charge huge fees and prey on human being who space struggling financially.

We’ve seen billboards in Phoenix whereby they advertise loans with a Monthly portion Rate (MPR) of interest at 20 percent!

If you borrowed $100, each month they would charge girlfriend $20 in interest. In 5 month the attention alone would certainly be the amount friend borrowed.

Check Cashing store plans vary from place to location and also from state come state.

In Arizona, there room some stores that will certainly cash a paper check without requiring any kind of ID. But they will certainly charge a steep dues – upwards the 5 come 7 percent of the value of the check.

We check out one write-up where the writer cites a location in Maryland that charges 10% to cash a check.

Other stores require several develops of ID and look in ~ the cashed check as a loan until the check clears.

Also, other places may charge a level fee plus a percentage: prefer $5 add to 1% the the worth of the check.

And finally, other types of checks generally incur a reduced fee.

D. Reputable inspect Cashing Stores

Even though we don’t recommend this options, us realize that they room a reality. If you remain away native the lending next of this businesses, you may be okay. Your fees because that cashing checks range from reasonable come a little on the high side. We’re only showcasing those companies that have a presence in multiple states.

15. Ace check Express

Ace Check Expresshas more than 950 locations throughout the US. That was established in 1968 and has areas in 18 states.They fee 3% for cashing a check.

Cost: A $500 examine will price you $15 to cash.

16. Inspect Into Cash Stores

Check into Cash was started in 1993 by Allen Jones in Cleveland, Ohio. There room now much more than 800 locations about the U.S.

Cost: $2 per check after your initial examine cashing.

17. PL$ inspect Cashing

PL$ has actually is located in 12 states around the U.S. The was started in 1997 and also has an ext than 300 locations.

They charge a dues of 1% + $1 uses to recurring in-state payroll and government benefits checks as much as $1,500. They might charge an ext for cashing file checks.

Cost: A $500 examine will cost you $6 to cash.

18. MoneyMart examine Cashing

MoneyMart was established in 1982 in Edmonton, Alberta. Today they have much more than 1300 areas in 32 states and also Canada and also the U.K.

They advertise prices “as low as” $2.99per examine plus 3 percent come cash a personal check. Their fees space some of the greatest we have actually seen. Us recommend finding other options.

In 2003 and 2009 Money Mart was sued for charging greater than reasonable attention rates. Lock paid damages without admitting guilt.

Cost:A $500 examine will expense you $17.99 come cash. Their fees room equal to payment 36% of her check!

19. Speedy Cash inspect Cashing

Speedy Cash was established in 1997 in Riverside, CA. Castle are currently locatedin 12 states and also have much more than 200 locations.

Their website claims they fee as tiny as $2 come cash a inspect … “plus applicable rates in your area.” definition that they most likely charge a percentage plus $2.

Be sure to questioning their specific rate prior to agreeing come cash your inspect there.

E. Areas that will certainly NOT Cash a personal Check

Most various other grocers like Safeway, Kroger, HEB and more will no cash a examine written come you personally, yet they will cash the following items because that a fee. Us recommend calling prior to visiting:

– Payroll checks– taxation refund checks– government checks – Social protection & Disability– Cashiers’ checks– 401 (k), retirement disbursement checks– Insurance negotiation checks

Safeway’s Fee: $2.25 every $100


According come Target client service, they execute not cash personal checks. Yet they execute accept them together payment.

F. Endorse The inspect To A Friend

If friend don’t have a financial institution account but have a friend who does can cover the quantity of the examine with cash, just sign the back of the check and also give that to her friend.

You get the cash fast. And your friend can go come their very own bank and deposit the check.

G. A bank Account the Earns 5x Interest!

But by far, the finest thing you deserve to do is to gain financially strong. Establish an excellent money habits. Collection up a financial institution account and also deposit her money over there at no charge.

If you require a financial institution that payment a high interest rate and has an extremely low fees consider CIT Bank. They room an FDIC-insured financial institution that payment 5x the national median in interest.

You deserve to deposit checks from her phone and then have accessibility to your money.

You deserve to open an account v a minimum balance the $100. Obtain details from CIT Bank.

H. Other options To acquire Your Money Fast

Cashing your examine isn’t the just option if you require quick accessibility to the money.

Pre-Paid Debit Cards

If you yes, really don’t need the cash, but simply desire to accessibility your check’s funds, consider setup up a prepaid debit card account.

With a prepaid debit card, you’ll still pay some fees. Things favor check-deposit fees, monthly service fees, and cash reloading fees.

But many prepaid debit cards permit you to set up straight deposit for payroll and government services checks ~ above the card. And you’ll it is in able to accessibility the funds almost as soon as they are deposited.

Some cards also permit you to usage your phone come deposit a examine by acquisition a picture of it.

No credit Check bank Account

Like we stated earlier, Fifth 3rd Bank offers an Express bank account. Set up go not need a credit transaction check and there space no minimum balances or monthly fees.

If you median 16 transactions every month, depositing a inspect with instant access to the funds is free. If you have fewer transactions they’ll charge you 4% for an individual checks and also 2% for federal government checks.

Your Employer

Many businesses will certainly cash out your paycheck for no fee. Due to the fact that you have a connection with the company, you might ask if they would cash a check written come you indigenous a friend.

I. Summary

If someone is walking to compose you a check and you don’t have a financial institution account, take into consideration asking for cash or a prepaid visa gift card instead.

There space lots of areas that will cash a paycheck or a tax refund check, yet very few that will certainly cash a an individual or handwritten check.

Beyond the problem of trying to uncover a ar to cash your check, the fees you’ll pay will really take a chunk the end of your money.

Why need to it price you a fee come get accessibility to her money?

You’ll finish up losing between 2 and 10 percent the what you were given. It is a steep price come pay.

There room two choices for staying clear of check-cashing fees:Cash the examine at the bank it to be issued against. It’s no a guarantee the there will be no fees, but there is a better likelihood.Get paid in cash.

And many importantly, do whatever you have the right to to avoid going to a payday loan or inspect cashing location. These places should be supplied as a last resort as they charge atrociously high interest rates – accurate robbing you of her hard-earned money.

Some states have actually outlawed or severely restricted these types of operations. But other states enable them to operate with tiny to no regulation – leaving them totally free to fee interest rates that banks would never ever be enabled to charge.

Unbanked and also Underbanked

According come a 2017 FDIC survey, 6.5 percent of families inAmerica were unbanked. Unbanked method that they had no accounts-checking or savings in ~ an insured institution.

This method that approximately 8.4 million families have no bank accounts.

The ax Underbanked represent civilization who have a check or savings account but additionally use financial products outside that the bank system.

Specifically, underbanked households use non-bank services such together money orders, check-cashing services, remittances, payday loans, rent-to-own services, pawnshop loans, refund anticipation loans, or auto title loans at least one time in the last 12 months.

The number of Underbanked households at this time is 18.7 percent the U.S. Households (24.2 million).

J. Next actions to gaue won Freedom

Needing come cash a check and at the exact same time, not having a financial institution account space indications of struggling financially. If you desire to stabilize her finances and start to develop wealth, follow this steps.

Save Something:

Don’t just live for today. Begin squirreling far money to open up a financial institution account – therefore you deserve to have money come live because that the totality month. Begin with $10, then $20, climate more. That will construct quickly if you focused. Learn around the money administration system we use. It assisted us pay cash because that cars, vacations and also even pay turn off our residences in document time. America’s Cheapest Family spending plan System.

Be Critical:

Determine if the things you’re spending money on room true “Needs” or room they just conveniences (wants). Emphasis on spending just on demands – Food, Shelter, and also Utilities. Save every various other penny friend can.

Stop eat Out:

Be brutal – start food preparation at house or at the very least buy prepared meals from the grocery save (canned soup, rotisserie chicken, frozen dinners) – they’re means less expensive than restaurant meals. If you are going to eat out, learn some tricks to conserve money from our Restaurant hacking page.

Simplify your Phone:

Get a prepaid setup that relies more on Wi-Fi than a huge data plan. Do this until you have actually at the very least $1000 conserved in a financial institution account. Check out this tips because that saving on cabinet phones.

Stop Playing

We recognize of many young civilization who room deeply associated in video clip gaming. So much so the they rarely job-related a full time job. If you can make gaue won independence and stability a priority that is higher than gaming, you will do it be top top your method to becoming independent and also strong.

Thrift Stores:

Shop for clothes and household items here. You’ll invest 90% less than purchase retail. This will permit you to build savings an ext quickly. Read just how we buy used and save a ton the money.

Sell Things:

Start by offering things friend no longer need on facebook Marketplace, CraigsList, and OfferUp. If you’re an excellent at it, you could start picking up things at garage sales or thrift stores and re-sell them.Read our evaluation of how and where to offer stuff you don’t want.

Read Books:

Every successful guy or mrs reads (or listens) come books. Our public libraries are full of awesome publications on personal finances and also frugal living. Do it a goal to check out several of these books this year … that course, we recommend beginning with America’s Cheapest family members Gets You best on the Money – discovering to control money and also live listed below your method is challenging, however fun experience.

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If you follow these suggestions, pretty quickly you’ll have much more than $1000 in savings. You’ll have actually a vehicle that runs well and you’ll have the ability to pay her monthly bills v money you have actually in the bank. And also you won’t it is in concerned around looking because that a place to cash a personal check and end up paying a hefty fees in the process.