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Also known As: Star Wars: The finish Saga (LEGO)Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Unknown Publisher: Lucas arts ESRB Rating: Everyone-10 release Date: November 8, 2007

If friend go v Mos Espa Podrace, once youpass the gigantic holes go on the much left side andgrab the Red Brick. As soon as you gain it save up250, 000 studs and go to the extras section atthe counter in the cantina and also purchase it.

Only on two player. Have one person acquire in the car and start driving around. Then have a 2nd person, most effective as a jedi or sith, keep pressing the change person switch while dealing with the car, while the auto is moving. When it shows that the 2nd person isn"t in control of anything, have actually the very first person obtain out that the car, and also the second person have the right to pay together the car. It just works if the human in the automobile is second player, when the person to turn into the vehicle is an initial player.

Go to episode 3 chapter 1. Decided droid tri-fighter. After you shoot the an initial set that guns,crash. Keep doing this till you have 300,000studs or more.

My advice is to play v the levels first thengo back and play it "free play". This method you willhave the personalities you need to gain into specialareas.

This relocate only functions on lightsabers, yet if you press the B button and swing the Wii remote, it will create extra damages (you need to time her swings, don"t just strike randomly)you can create different combos yourself choose B+B+Swing.Also if girlfriend swing the Wii to carry out a super-smash (double-jump+attack) it will create much more damage.You"ll have to practice a lot of to gain it perfect (remember; time is everything) however it really comes in handy in two-player duel and also things like that.(P. S . The third attack, or last blow, can cut through something on a person, also if they space blocking of space a droiddekka with their shield on. ).

To get the red brick in the mos espa level in episode 4, head forward right as soon as the level starts. Right once you to walk under the broken bridge rotate left. Then with Luke or Obi-Wan, ruin all rubbish can"s in front of the wall. Then you must see a little door v nothing behind it. Usage the pressure with Obi-Wan to take the components off the ground and put them on the wall. There then should be a panel with R2"s challenge on it. Activate the panel v R2, to walk in the door and also you climate should have unlocked a distinct secret.

Switch come a human being that is indigenous the Dark Side, (Darth Vader, Emperor, etc.) and force him using Z. Do not organize him into the Air for a lengthy time or they will certainly die. If in the air, press him intoa wall/tree, and also he will certainly die. It is practically like a Jedi advertise droids.

To to buy the ghost character, you have to all-the-way complete story mode/All Episodes.He cannot gain hurt and also is not paid any kind of attention through troopers, unless in cars.

If you walk to level one of episode IV in The finish Saga there will be a device with a lever. Traction the lever and out come about 10 silver studs. You have the right to keep law this to acquire money however it is sluggish so you might want a studs x cheat on. So far this has worked and also is a an excellent way to gain cash.

Go come build-a-character and also select luke"s head, darth maul"s body, black waist, legs and hands, skin arms black color hair and also a red lightsaber and also then you have STARKILLER as a playable character!

First walk to the level "Jedi Destiny" and also select any type of character. Then as soon as you take the end the all of the Emporer"s mind ECEPT two. Then (make certain you have extra toggle turned on) readjust to the royal Egineer and jump once and also then you"ll here Stormtrooper noises.

Go come "Cloud City Trap" (Episode 5) litter bomb atmetal gate alongside R2D2 picture (unlockable point).The minikit detector is behind where the gate was.

Admiral Ackbar ACK646Battle Droid CommanderKPF958Boba Fett boy GGF539Boss Nass HHY697Captain Tarpals QRN714Count Dooku DDD748Darth Maul EUK421Disguise BRJ437Droid Tri-FighterAAB123Ewok EWK785Force Grapple CLZ738General GreviousPMN576Greedo ZZR636IG-88 GIJ989Imperial guard GUA850Imperial ShuttleHUT845Jango Fett KLJ897Ki Adi Mundi MUN486Luminara LUM521Padme VBJ322R2-Q5 droid EVILR2Sandtrooper CBR954Stormtrooper NBN431Taun us PRX482TIE Fighter DBH897Tie Interceptor INT729Vulture Droid BDC866Watto PLL967Zam Wesell 584HJFZam"s Speeder UUU875

Go into the "Bonus" doorway in the Cantina, climate go with the door markedTrailers and watch the trailer because that Lego Indiana Jones. You can then buy him for$50,000.

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