Which of the characteristics of life finest explains why bears hibernate as soon as it start to get cold?
Living points respond to their environment.

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Cell specialization in multicellular organisms enables cells to ____.perform various functions
The procedure by i m sorry organisms regulate their internal conditions to save them fairly consistent is referred to as ___.homeostasis
A team of organisms of the same kind living in the very same area is dubbed a ___.population
A group of countless different types of biology living together in the same area is dubbed a(n) ___.community
Most multicell organisms give birth ____.sexually
Most unicellular biology reproduce ___.asexually
A biologist who researches plants is referred to as a ___.botanist
A biologist that studies animals is referred to as a ___.zoologist
A biologist that studies old life is dubbed a ___.paleontologist
The biggest level at which organisms deserve to be studied is at the level that the ___.biosphere
The mix of chemical reactions with which an organism builds up or division down product is called ____.metabolism,
The smallest thing that deserve to be taken into consideration to be living is a ___.cell
An organism that is do of just one cabinet is referred to as a _____ organism.unicellular
The direction for exactly how an organism grows and also develops is coded right into a molecule called ____.DNA
Changing kind as an organism grow is referred to as ___.development
Something the an biology responds come is referred to as a ____.stimulus
When one kind of organism alters over an extremely long periods of time (many many generations), that is referred to as ____.Evolution
Groups of atom bonded together are dubbed ____.molecules
Groups of cells have the right to be organized right into ____, _____, and also ____.tissues, organs and organ systems
All the living and non-living points in an area are dubbed _____.

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an ecosystem
What room the two varieties of cells that all living things space made of?Prokaryotic and eukaryotic
What is the main difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?Eukaryotic cells keep their DNA inside an organelle called the nucleus (Other distinctions include the truth that prokaryotic cells are much smaller 보다 eukaryotic cells and also lack any type of membrane tied organelle, back the do have actually an organelle referred to as a ribosome, however it is no surrounded by a membrane)
Which type of organisms are made of prokaryotic cells?Bacteria (Prokaryotes can be discovered in two various kingdoms; the archaebacteria in the domain Archaea and also the Eubacteria in the Bacteria domain)
Which type of organisms room made of eukaryotic cells?Everything various other than bacteria (These include the plant, animal, fungi, and also protist kingdoms)
What are the tiny structures with details functions referred to as that are located in the cytosol of cell (mostly eukaryotic cells)?organelles (Eukaryotic cells space the only form of cabinet that has actually membrane-bound organelles, favor the nucleus, golgi, vacuoles, etc. These sac-like membranes kind separate locations inside the cabinet where devoted functions deserve to be brought out and certain substances have the right to be stored. Both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells have ribosomes, which are often referred to together organelles also, however they room solid structures, not hollow sac-like structures choose the membrane-bound organelles uncovered in eukaryotic bio cells)
What surrounds both prokaryotic and also eukaryotic cells and also regulates what goes in and out that the cell?A plasma membrane (Can additionally be referred to as a cabinet membrane. Don't gain this perplexed with the cell wall, which all prokaryotes have and also many eukaryotes as well. Animals and some protists don't have a cell wall)
What are four things that both prokaryotic and also eukaryotic cells have actually in common?Plasma membrane, DNA, cytosol, and ribosomes
The small solid (not membrane-bound) organelle uncovered in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells that helps the cell build different types of proteins is called a(n) _____.ribosome