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I"m currently at the optimal of tin Tower and am trying to catch Ho-oh (which, BTW, is at level 40). My concern is: just how in the human being do you catch it? The last time I fought it, i whittled it down to the suggest where you can barely check out its HP meter and also sung it come sleep, climate threw 5 Ultra Balls, nobody of which succeeded, after i beg your pardon the Ho-oh wake up up and also Recovered. So, is there a far better way to capture it? I"m considering continuing the game until I get the grasp Ball and also using that, yet I"d rather use the on the level 70 Lugia.Thanks in advance.
Paralyze would more than likely work far better than Sleep. Various other than the it simply takes awhile. You"ll most likely need to do him use all his recovers.
"Wait to acquire the master Ball, then simply use the Multiplication Method."This, lugia is worse in gold if i remember correctly, and Ho-Oh is worse in silver.
"Wait to get the grasp Ball, then simply use the Multiplication Method."This, lugia is worse in yellow if ns remember correctly, and also Ho-Oh is worse in silver.
No, it"s the other means around. In Gold, you meet Ho-oh first at level 40, then the level 70 Lugia much later.In Silver, you fulfill Lugia first at level 40, climate the level 70 Ho-oh lot later. It seems stupid, yet I guess you meet the location Pokemon first in every game.And around this "multiplication method", I have 3 problems:1. Ns don"t favor to cheat,2. I don"t know just how to do the "multiplication method", and3. Ns don"t know where the f*** the grasp Ball is in Gold.Help or other suggestions, please?
1. Don"t worry just do a pair copies that the master Ball, simply so the you have them because that legendaries, yet you don"t have to make a lot.2. Here is the cloning Method:Go come a PC, and save. Affix the article you desire to duplicate come the Pokemon you want to clone. Deposit it right into the PC. Readjust boxes. When the screen is speak "Saving the game..." rotate off your GB. Revolve it back on. Girlfriend should have the deposited Pokemon in the PC, and also a clone of that in her lineup. The item will certainly either it is in on both monsters, or in your Backpack. Note: when doing this code, carry out NOT withdraw any Pokemon. As soon as the GB is turned back on, you"ll discover that the withdrawn Pokemon has actually been deleted.3. I think you get the master Ball right after you get all 8 badges, and Prof. Gives it to you in brand-new Bark Town.
Poisen is the ideal status affect but you need to be careful. If girlfriend dont desire to do that have actually a ghost pokemon use spite to acquire rid off recover pp. The put it to sleep false swipe it and also confuse that (while it"s asleep so it doesn"t death itself) and also if you yes, really wanna make sure it continues to be it the damn balls lower it"s stats come with prefer tail whip or sand strike until their all yes, really low then litter ultra balls favor crazy. It always works because that me. I recorded regigigas azelf and also uxie favor this, ns hope it works for girlfriend to
Poisen is the finest status affect but you need to be careful. If friend dont want to perform that have actually a ghost pokemon usage spite to gain rid off recuperate pp. The put it come sleep false swipe it and confuse the (while it"s asleep so it doesn"t kill itself) and if you yes, really wanna make sure it remains it the cursed balls lower it"s stats come with prefer tail whip or sand attack until their all really low then litter ultra balls like crazy. It always works for me. I captured regigigas azelf and uxie choose this, ns hope it functions for girlfriend to
Actually, follow to most sources, Sleep and Freeze room the ideal conditions for catching, when Poison is just one of the worst. Technically, ns think that the closestly you might possibly acquire is Sleep and also Confused in ~ the very same time. So ns guess the best I have the right to do there is no is:1. Hack away at it v Ampharos, Quagsire, and also Typlosion (without Paralyzing it)until it offers up all of its Recovers,2. Hypnotize it come Sleep through Hypno when it forgets to Safeguard,3. False Swipe it with Scyther,4. Confuse it v Hypno (Confusion is the finest move I have for Confusing),5. Hypnotize it come sleep again if the wakes up, and6. Go crazy through Ultra Balls.Do I have the right idea?
Yah forget what ns said about poisen. Lol ns faught dialga in mine diamond. That went choose thisGengar vs. Dialga - i used shadow ball, the used steel claw, i offered confuse beam then he take it gengar to favor 5 hp v dragon nippers so ns returned.Empolean vs. Dialga - he to be confused and hit himself, i use ice beam and froze him, i supplied brick rest which took him to red, then ns threw 1 ultra ball and also i caught it. It remained in red confused and frozen. The fight took like 1 and also a half minutes. And i was preparing for favor 2 hours.
Palkia and also Dialga have actually the easiest catch ratios. I"ve heard of people capturing them with an excellent balls. Ns don"t think confuse is together a great idea. Yet if you"re going to carry out it, gain a ghost and also it"ll find out confuse beam at some point.

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the larger legendaries(r/b/y/s/g/c) were truly legendary, typically taking a dozen+ tries come catch and usually 30 minutes minimum to ultimately nail them. Carry 40-50 ultra balls and also a counter poke because that the legendary"s form who has great sleep/freeze and a move like false swipe.dont garbage your grasp ball top top hoho or lugia, save it for a legend dog, they room insane to catch in s/g/c
I actually caught them in gold and also silver. I haven"t also seen one in fire red OR leaf green. Mulitple time through, numerous hours, tho nothing.