Wood burning (or pyrography) is a cheap and also easy means to present yourself into the human being of woodworking. At very first glance timber burning can show up to be a greater skill thrust craft. However looks have the right to be deceiving. There room a variety of ways to rotate this right into a straightforward craft for beginners! all of the above images to be made making use of a starter"s hardwood burner that expenses less than twenty dollars native the craft store. In this tutorial, i will comment on the basics of wood burning and show you just how I do the small Pokeball plaque shown in the images above. The project, as soon as started, have to take girlfriend no longer than 30 minutes to complete.

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Step 1: Some security Tips prior to We Start


While lumber burning is indeed a basic craft, the does not come without safety hazards. I"ve developed a couple of lists below that cover the an easy safety and health warnings.


Even the cheap hardwood burners that I"m recommending have the right to reach upwards come 950 levels Fahrenheit. Therefore never touch the reminder of the timber burner once you have actually plugged that in and turned the on! It"s also important the you never leave the wood burner alone, as this might make it a feasible fire hazard.

If at any type of time you are melted while making use of the wood burner, please recommendation this guide on exactly how to treatment for her burn (warning - picture of 3rd degree burn may be taken into consideration graphic to some viewers):



If you have actually any type of allergy come wood, I perform not recommend lumber burning.

Anyone with sensitive eye should recognize that timber burning go indeed reason smoke which have the right to irritate the eyes.

Also, anyone through arthritis in the hands, joint problems in the hands, or any kind of medical issue similar to carpal tunnel must be wary of wood burning. While ns myself have issues with carpal tunnel, I have actually noticed that the stress, overload of making use of the starter’s timber burner, specifically with grainy wood, can cause it come act up.


When you are working, it is in in one area whereby the strength chord will not end up being a tripping hazard. And, if the acting or odor of burning lumber (you will undoubtedly smell favor a fireplace) bothers you, make sure you are in a fine ventilated place. Mental to constantly turn off and unplug your wood burner once you have actually finished functioning on it.

Age Requirements:

Finally the is no recommending that anyone under the period of 14 run a wood burner there is no adult supervision.

If you have any other health/medical concerns, please consult your doctor before attempting to use a wood burner.

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Step 2: gather Materials


Here space the products you"ll have to gather before you can start wood burning:

small piece of decorative timber (can be bought at craft store for approximately $1) pencil eraser (the one top top the pencil functions fine - though i did finish up grabbing a larger eraser later on while working) beginners hardwood burner (If you want to save some money, I would certainly recommend conserving a coupon for your regional craft store if friend need/want to conserve some money)

Optional Materials:

sandpaper stencils simple printed photo wood stain timber varnish acrylic paints

NOTE: In this overview I execute not usage the optional materials. However, ns do provide a few tips on how to obtain the best results through them

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Step 3: Design


Before you begin designing, save in mental the grain of the wood. If your piece of wood has actually a lot of grain come it, the timber burner can jump slightly and also cause a jagged line to it is in made. Ns recommend going versus the grain. While this may reason the burner come still jump slightly, if you go through the serial the burner will may and also follow right into the serial of the wood and also you"ll finish up make lines girlfriend didn"t want to make.

Now there are a few ways you deserve to actually produce your design.

Way 1: If you"re confident in your illustration abilities, friend can always freehand lay out on the wood. However, ns wouldn"t recommend developing a style with a many of detail for your very first time lumber burning. You"ll require time and practice to acquire used to how your an equipment works and how it acts upon the wood.

Way 2: use a stencil. Just tape the stencil under onto your piece of wood and also trace the style with your pencil.

Way 3: The deliver method. This is the one I will teach you just how to do for this project.

First print out the architecture you want. Indigenous there, revolve the file over and also use her pencil come scribble anywhere the back, making certain the whole area of where the style is covered. Now turn the paper back over and also position it whereby you want it ~ above the piece of wood. Finally, map over the style with the pencil.

The carbon ~ above the back of the paper will then move onto the wood, offering you a design to follow while you usage the timber burner. If it come out too light, merely go back over the style with your pencil to make adhering to the currently easier.

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Step 4: Burn the Wood!


Now it"s time to usage your hardwood burner! Make sure your work location is clear and plug her burner in.

NOTE: It"s essential to store in mind the some hardwood burners come with various head attach-ments. Make sure your burner guideline is strict screwed in prior to you begin burning.

Once you"ve turn on the timber burner, it can take the a little while (a couple of minutes) for it to heat up completely. However, you need to never leave it unattended.You have the right to see how hot the burner has obtained by making check spots top top the back of the woodYou"ll know when the burner is at its greatest temperature when the marks you"re making space a deep, dark brown color - it must look favor a dark stained wood. You have the right to make lighter clues by pushing lighter top top the hardwood as well.

Remember: your hardwood will begin to smoke, especially if the still has actually some sap in it. Don"t permit this frighten you! If you enjoy the odor of a fireplace, you"ll enjoy this.

NOTE: if you are using a very thin item of wood, you don"t desire to press an extremely hard through the timber burner. If friend do, it will burn a feet in the wood and not only damage your project, but likewise the surface ar you"re functioning on.

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Step 5: as soon as You've Finished using the lumber Burner


Once you"ve perfect burning the end your architecture you deserve to stop here and also be done.

However, there are a few optional actions you deserve to take come make your piece even better.

Your first option is come stain your piece:

Pick whatever color wood stain girlfriend want and also just cover the whole piece. Don"t problem - the won"t chaos up her design. If you desire some locations of timber to continue to be lighter, simply avoid them as you stain.

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You can likewise use acrylic paints to add a popular music of color:

While you"re painting, you do want to be a bit much more careful v the paint than you would be through the stain. If you obtain paint into the grooves of her design, it have the right to cover castle up and you"ll have actually to shot and clean castle out.

Once the stain or paint has dried, you can then add a coat of timber varnish to give it part shine and also protection!