Bettas are recognized for being hardy fish yet the form of water you placed them in has actually a vast effect on their health and also well-being.

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Most human being think that since they’re retained in such tiny containers in the every store, lock don’t call for the very same level of high quality water that various other fish do.

That reasoning is very, very wrong.

What kind of Water because that Betta Fish?

There room a couple of options when it involves betta water but they all call for slightly various care prior to they’re ready.

Tap Water because that Betta Fish?

Tap water is the easiest and also most accessible choice. You could be a little surprised come hear that tap water is actually great for Bettas – yet only after you remove some that the included chemicals.


Most water the comes the end of the faucet is treated through chemicals favor chlorine to make the water for sure to drink; however, they have the right to be very harmful to a Betta.

If you choose to use tap water, you need to treat it through a water conditioner that clears the chemicals from the water in seconds. Once you remove the chlorine and also other metals, insanity water is actually great for Bettas.

It contains a many the nutrient that Bettas must survive. Plus, girlfriend can quickly get the water come the appropriate temperature by utilizing a thermometer and also mixing hot and also cold.

Spring Water for Betta Fish?

Another choice is feather water. This is in reality really similar to madness water only it doesn’t have any type of chlorine in that to problem about. As lengthy as the pH is appropriate, spring water is a an excellent choice.


Spring water is also reasonably inexpensive, you and also buy gallons that it in ~ the grocery save for only a few dollars.

If you store it in the exact same room together the tank, you have the right to be fairly sure the they’re at the same temperature which renders water transforms much easier.

And, because they come in a gallon container, you know specifically how much water she putting into the tank.

Betta details Water?

Another alternative that you will view in the pet save is Betta particular water.


What’s special around this water is it’s to be conditioned precisely to help Bettas thrive. The pH is just right and also there space no harmful chemicals or metals.

This water no required and also it’s a tiny on the high value side yet if friend don’t desire to worry about conditioning her own, the an option.

Distilled Water because that Betta Fish?

Is there any type of water you shouldn’t use? Actually, yes.

It’s a an excellent idea to continue to be away from distilled water. Distilled water is collected from vapor and loses every one of the minerals and nutrients during processing.


It’s pure water however your Betta also needs the nutrient that the other water types provide. If you usage distilled water, your Betta could be lethargic and also could eventually die.

Well Water for Betta Fish?

Well water is an additional one it is iffy. If friend live in a rural area, you probably rely on well water.

This water hasn’t been treated in ~ all and also can because of this have a most contaminants that room harmful to her Betta.


If you desire to gain your fine water tested, you can usually take it a sample come the pet store and also they will execute it because that you.

Then, they can likewise tell you the chemicals you need to as necessary treat the water to make it Betta safe.

What is the best Water because that Betta Fish?

The ideal water because that Bettas is the Betta water that you’ll find in a pet store. The reason is simple, it’s because it’s actually been particularly formulated because that Bettas.

That said, the is absolutely not essential to use Betta water. That expensive, especially in the long term. One method to usage Betta water successfully is to start your tank through it. As soon as you very first come residence from the pet save with your new Betta and also aquarium, get some Betta water, too.

Then, use an additional kind the water as soon as it’s time to carry out water changes. This way, you have a good structure to begin with and also you have the right to start her aquarium off right.

If friend don’t want to usage Betta water, one of two people tap water or spring water is great. Remember, though, each needs a different kind the preparation.

With insanity water, make certain you gain a water conditioner that eliminates the chlorine and other steels in the water. This are poor for her Betta yet the minerals and also nutrients left behind room actually really beneficial.

As for feather water, you don’t must worry about chlorine since there isn’t any. What friend do need to check is the pH. Bettas choose a pH that 7 but all spring water is not the same.

Once you uncover a brand that is the right pH, it’s most likely a for sure bet and also you can stick v it. The said, you need to still check every bottle just to be on the for sure side.


You could think the Bettas have the right to tolerate anything due to the fact that they live in those little containers in the pet store yet that’s no the case. Bettas space actually sensitive to a many contaminants and also you must be an extremely careful through the form of water friend use.

Luckily, you have actually a lot of options. While you must avoid distilled water and also any well water that hasn’t to be tested, madness water and also spring water space both an excellent choices.

With insanity water, make certain you obtain conditioning fall to clear the water that chlorine and also other metallic contaminants. If girlfriend go through spring water, make certain the pH is right. Bettas need a pH roughly 7 and spring water differ from brand come brand.

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Bettas are beautiful fish the are frequently misunderstood. In the wild, bettas survive in part harsh conditions during the dried season but that’s no reason why lock shouldn’t have actually an aquarium complete of the best water. If you desire to watch your Betta thrive, make sure you give it every possibility to carry out so, starting with the best water.