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So my daughter came house with orbeez indigenous school(was the critical day finally). She wanted to placed them in her shrimp tank.Do girlfriend think it would be safe?

I think they would certainly be. They space composed that a at sight absorbent polymer. I"ve review up on them and also read story of youngsters ingesting them and being fine. Only troubles happened as soon as the dried beads to be consumed in bigger amounts. Lock are provided as a youngsters toy after all.
We don"t have a shrimp tank yet yet my daughters have pink and blue orbees in our infant betta problems.
I additionally use them because that sprouting plants, in bamboo vases and my fern arrangement.

I was wondering if this happened to everyone else... My fish burrowed into the orbeez and appeared stressed and stuck. I gotten rid of the tree holder so that he can get the end (if he yes, really was stuck). Haha i kinda freaked out
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