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While you’re probably already aware that a casserole dish deserve to safely walk in the oven, there can be various other scenarios wherein it might benefit you to placed another type of glass container in there.

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For example, you could have saved your leftovers in a glass storage container (this is becoming really popular). Deserve to you simply take this indigenous the fridge and put that in your stove to warm it up?

Even v casserole dishes that are known to be for sure in the oven, is over there an top temperature limit the you have to be mindful of? room there any type of situations where it’s no safe to placed your casserole food in the oven?

These are all precious concerns, and also as I covered in a vault article about putting glass containers in the freezer, you have to take particular precautions when cooling or heating glass.

So, deserve to glass for sure be placed in the oven? Let’s find out.

Can Glass go in the Oven?


Although you have to take part precautions, yes, glass deserve to safely be supplied in the range to warm or reheat your food, as long as it’s oven-safe glass. In fact, there are plenty of benefits to making use of glass cookware, as detailed later ~ above in this article.

When handled properly, you have the right to put glass in the oven. However, you need to be conscious of some potential reasons that might reason glass to break when heated. We’ll take a look in ~ these factors next.

But first, right here are number of other usual kitchen items the you may want to check out, as they space not all cooktop safe:

What Can reason Glass to rest in the Oven?

While we’ve already determined the glass deserve to safely walk in the oven, there room times whereby it doesn’t do sense and also can even reason the glass come break.

1 – correctly Temperature Changes

One that the most usual reasons because that glass division in the oven is heat shock. Glass is simply not maybe to handle rapid temperature fluctuations. While people often put their glass containers from the fridge directly into the cooktop without the glass breaking, it’s no recommended because of the risk.

In the video below, The Fluffy T Rex demonstrates how glass have the right to break indigenous drastic temperature changes.

2 – The Wrong kind of Glass

While tempered glass deserve to safely be placed in the oven, the same can’t be claimed for non-tempered glass. You have to never placed drinking glasses in the oven, and anything that’s not specifically labeled together oven-safe shouldn’t go in over there either.

Go v something choose this basic set from Anchor Hocking, which safe for the oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and also dishwasher.

3 – temperature That are Too High

One the the border of baking through glass the many people aren’t mindful of is that it has a temperature limit. This temperature limit is based upon the manufacturing process, so constantly stay below the manufacturer’s recommendation, which can regularly be uncovered on the glass itself.

How to keep Glass from break in the Oven

It’s not too daunting to keep your glass container indigenous breaking when heated in the oven. To safely warm your food in glass, you just need to take some precautions.

1 – Don’t adjust Temperatures Drastically

Glass cookware doesn’t manage temperature transforms well. Once putting glass in her oven, it’s ideal to go from room temperature to a preheated oven. Never go straight from the refrigerator or freezer come the oven. Return many people do this without trouble, you’re to run the risk of the glass breaking.

The very same concept applies when taking your glass dish the end of the oven. Don’t placed it on a cold surface. Instead, location it on a warm or room-temperature surface, together as hot pads (I favor this set, since it’s short cost and also comes in miscellaneous styles and also colors).

2 – usage Tempered Glass


Not every glass is for sure to put in the oven. Just use glass that’s to be tempered or is labeled as range safe. Often times, one oven-safe glass container will also list a temperature limit as well, so make sure to stay listed below that limit.

Drinking glasses and also smaller glass bowls are generally not made to withstand oven temperatures, so never ever put these in her oven, unless they room specifically labeling as range safe. The same goes because that the lids on her glass dishes. They may not be for sure to use in the oven, so examine the labeling.

3 – prevent High Temperatures

When using oven-safe glass, make certain to adhere come the upper temperature border recommended by the manufacturer. This temperature limit could be almost everywhere from 350 F come 500 F, but try to remain well below it to be on the for sure side.

4 – Look because that Structural Weaknesses

Whenever food preparation with glass cookware, check the glass to make certain it is totally free of any little cracks or scratches. Crack or scratches represent weak point out in the glass that may break once subjected to temperature fluctuations.

5 – include Liquids come the Bottom because that Dry Foods

When baking dry foods in a glass pan, it’s recommended that you add a small amount that water to the bottom that the pan. The factor for this is that as the dry food cooks, that will likely release part water content, i m sorry will uncover it’s means to the surface ar of the glass.

Since this water can still it is in cool, friend don’t desire it contacting the hot surface of the glass. By adding a thin layer the water come the bottom class of the glass, you’re allowing the water to warm up together the glass is heated.

What space the benefits of heating Food in Glass Containers

So, why usage glass in the first place? It could be the only option you have, yet assuming that’s not the case, there are several factors that make it appealing.

1 – non Toxic

Unlike other products with non-stick surfaces the are well-known to release toxins at greater temperatures, glass bakeware is non-toxic. With so human being trying to uncover ways to eliminate toxins and also chemicals native their stays these days, this is one of the ideal reasons to chef with glass.

2 – Retains heat Longer

Although friend may discover the longer heating time of glass to be a drawback, the benefit is that it retains heat longer than various other bakeware together well. This renders it ideal for using as a serving dish, maintaining your meal nice and also warm because that you and your guests.

3 – clean Surface


A nice benefit of baking through glass is that you can conveniently see the components of your food when it’s cooking. Through other species of bakeware, you have the right to only check out the height surface, which makes it complicated to determine how much longer you should chef your food.

4 – basic to Clean

While this benefit doesn’t apply to heater the food itself, it’s tho a benefit of using glass because that heating your food. Unequal some various other bakeware choices, glass is non-porous and reasonably easy to clean.

5 – have the right to Be provided for Storage and also Reheating

With various other cookware, you have to transfer your leftovers to an additional container because that storage. V glass, that’s no the case. As lengthy as you let your food thoroughly cool, you deserve to put your glass container best in the refrigerator or also in the freezer. Friend can additionally reheat your foods in the exact same glass container.

Final Thoughts

Glass provides suitable storage medium for storing, cooking, and reheating her foods. While it is possible to break glass in the oven, this will certainly only occur if friend don’t follow the ideal precautions.

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The key points to remember when heating her food in glass space to usage tempered glass and to make certain the temperature isn’t changed too suddenly. As lengthy you follow these basic steps, friend shouldn’t have any type of trouble putting your glass in the oven.