like the title, i've discovered some mods the i have the right to put on my run drive and install on mine ps3.

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but i'm scared i could screw up and also make miscellaneous crash, anyone know exactly how to safely install a mode for a console?

i recognize that, except there's an alleged to it is in a means to download a mod on ps3.i've been trying to gain my dad to buy a newer computer system (we have actually a really old one)but he's to lazy to perform that
I just youtubed it and came up with this video.I don't have a PS3 and also obviously haven't do the efforts this yet, therefore you could want to wait until somebody an ext knowledgeable answers this.
Jailbreaking your PS3 will certainly obviously void everything warranty you have and possibly brick it, I would certainly advise against it uneven you have actually 1 old PS3 v nothing else on it and also bucket loads of money to the extent you don't treatment if it's destroyed. Also if girlfriend did regulate to install them there's no telling exactly how stable/workable they'd be.

Jailbreaking her PS3 will certainly obviously void whatever warrenty you have actually and feasible brick it, I would advise versus it uneven you have 1 old PS3 with nothing else on it and bucket tons of money to the extent you don't care if it's destroyed. Even if girlfriend did control to install them there's no telling just how stable/workable they'd be.

that's true, and also the ps3 i have actually is a new well oil machine, for this reason i'll stick with ur advice. Thx:)
As a critical note, As much as every little thing goes and also as of appropriate now, there is no way to mode either console (Xbox and PS3). From mine knowledge, over there is no regimen out for Skyrim, yet due to it's fairly young period I have the right to only expect it to come the end soon. Both fallout 3 and new Vegas, however do have programs for modification on the console and they get A lot of done, i m sorry is no understatement.If you additionally play the fallout series, and have some want to modify it (I've experiment both a lot, believed for the brand-new Vegas if you perform modify that a lot, or mess with a lot of things in your inventory, you can mess your video game up)Fallout brand-new Vegas: 3:
Not true, most modders who make them have actually that in mind and also will leaving you in the relative start of the game. The only thing you shed out ~ above is leveling, which is tedious anyways.

Not true, most modders that make them have actually that in mind and also will leave you in the relative beginning of the game. The just thing you shed out ~ above is leveling, i beg your pardon is tedious anyways.

what perform you median with leveling .. The story leveling or mltiplayer leveling ??

What I median is the pending top top what save you come across, I know of one that made friend level 250. You started off in a slightly (heavily) modded room in the starting area whereby you can loot basically any type of item in the game, then continue on with the very very start of the game. Over there is no "multiplayer" and also story leveling will already be maxed at 50 as result of that specific saves level. Most people mod Skyrim to break level caps (which there shortly need to not be), change inventory carry weight, max the end a ability (or all skills) and also just to give the human being using it a lot much various and an ext "free" suffer to do what he/she pleases.

Do you really want to risk screwing her console up simply for part MOD? In my opinion no mode is worth it.

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Sir, 99-100% of every PS3 and Xbox "mods" are modded via her gamesave and also if you which to gain physical computer mods such as a graphics mod for example, you"d require a J-Tag (aka Developer"s kit) or for a PS3 i"m unsure. Some human being find making use of glitches, exploits and also mods fun. Over there is yes, really no risk affiliated either. Aside a Jtag, yet you shouldn"t be utilizing it virtual anyways.