fallout 4 is among those gamings that has a small something because that everyone. And also that tiny something has several various romantic paths.

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the can acquire pretty lonely in the radiated wastes the the Commonwealth, and also many players will certainly take time the end of finding their son and restoring bespeak to find a romantic partner. There are a couple of options in the game, and each come through their own collection of baggage and also benefits come the player.

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This list ranked romantic companions in Fallout 4 based upon the an abilities they bring to your combat efforts and also for how complex their characters would do pursuing a romantic relationship. ~ all, while some might be useful in combat their aggression and also love the violence would make one intimate partnership difficult.

Updated February 25, 2021 by Ben Baker: once players decide which companion they desire to court, it’s important to know where to discover them. It likewise goes without saying that understanding what come do and say is crucial for forming a connection as well.

since Fallout 76 didn"t rather go together planned, part players discover themselves wandering back to the old wasteland, and while law so, they could just stumble throughout a little bit the love.

9 john Hancock

Fallout 4 Hancock
They to speak love is blind, however they never ever say whether it has a feeling of smell. Having actually a romantic partnership with an irradiated ghoul would be complicated enough, permit alone with someone who’s addicted to chems and also shows no signs of stopping. Admittedly, his great nature and also passion because that defending the chaste make that an honorable guy, and also he deserve to hold his own in a fight. But any physical touch would call for a Rad X or two, he’s guarantee to outlive friend by several hundred years, and also kids are absolutely off the table.

man is located at the Old State house in Goodneighbor. The player must complete "The large Dig" quest and also side through Bobbi No-Nose to have actually John sign along. To impress the ole ghoul, players require to protect the innocent, use chems, and aid others, and also being a nudist have the right to help.

8 Magnolia

Magnolia is certainly a beauty and also has a wonderful to sing voice, however a one-night stand does not frequently make a healthy romantic relationship. She additionally will not join the player as a companion, which renders her battle skills irrelevant, presume she had any to begin with. Complicating the relationship even further is the fact that she’s a synth in a world where synths are essentially boogeymen. There yes, really isn’t a solid argument to go after a romantic connection with Magnolia together she brings very small to the table and also doesn’t want anything long-term.

Magnolia is found in the 3rd Rail bar in Goodneighbor. If players want to court her, they’ll require a high Charisma come pass 3 dialogue options. However, after ~ the "date," the player will certainly no longer have the ability to court her or even flirt.

7 Porter Gage

A new companion presented in the Nuka-World DLC, Porter Gage is a raider through some semblance of morals. He is very aggressive and has quite the mouth on him. If you can overlook his bloodthirsty ways and also hatred of all factions in the Commonwealth, he renders a great hired gun, however not a good romantic companion. In between the violent tendencies, rotten teeth, and ambitions to develop the ultimate raider gang, it’s tough to find anything appealing around him. Certain he hates chems, no drink, and is great at putting food on the table; one just needs to wonder how often that food comes from an animal and also not something else.

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Porter can be found at the Fizztop Gille in Nuka-World. Players will require to finish the quest, "An Ambitious Plan" to to convince him to be a companion. Porter likes it once the player choose locks, steals, modifies weapons, build settlements, murdering others, and also generally behaving in a violent or selfish manner.

6 Cait

Cait’s childhood is a catastrophic story; her parents were abusive, she was sold right into slavery, she murdered castle in a right of revenge, came to be addicted come Psycho, and has spent the last few years as a cage fighter to pay for she addiction. Cait’s certainly a project, and one can aid her absent the chem addiction, yet she’ll always be a wild child who’s prone to fighting, stealing, breaking right into places, and also running distinct naked throughout the Commonwealth. She’s a great melee fighter, but it’s hard to snapshot her ever settling down and also living the an easy life.

Cait is situated in the Combat ar in the Theater ar of Boston. When the player clears out the area, they can speak v Cait and convince she to join them. Afterward, the player merely needs to be a violent, alcohol swilling, nudist sociopath to gain her attention

5 Paladin Danse

Paladin Danse is a guy of principle, and also one won"t find numerous in The republic as loyal as him. Through his strength armor and also devastating energy weapon, he’s the guy you desire watching your back and defending your home. The factor he no rank higher as a romantic companion is that he has actually some worries with human being he doesn’t perceive together normal. Danse watch ghouls, synths, and also super mutants as monsters who must be damaged for the great of the Commonwealth, and also that puts him at odds with a large section of the neighbors.

Paladin Danse can be found at one of two people the Cambridge Police station or at The Pyrdwen if "Shadow that Steel" has actually been completed. The player needs to be a member that the Brotherhood the Steel and complete the "Tour that Duty" questline because that Danse come tag along. Assisting the Brotherhood that Steel, help settlers, and also tinkering through the crafting mechanism will admire Danse.

4 MacCready

MacCready is a mercenary v a catastrophic past. His mam was killed by feral ghouls, and also he"s to be on the run with his just child, preventing his old employers. His young has developed a terrible disease, and MacCready is dedicated to recognize a cure, no matter the cost.

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he is a dad who’s been compelled to make terrible options for his family, and also he’s among the few people ~ above the list who have the right to truly empathize v the player"s plight to uncover their son. This makes him a an excellent romantic companion, and also someone to stand by one"s next in battle. He’s even working on gaining the swearing under control.

To begin a partnership with this mercenary, players have to hire him in ~ the 3rd Rail in Goodneighbor because that 250 caps. MacCready respects players who will demand for more pay, pick locks, steal things, and also use charisma to acquire their way.

3 call Garvey

A most fans choose to hate on call Garvey because that his countless requests to aid settlers out, but there space worse qualities one can find in a partner. He has actually a far better head on his shoulders than most and also enjoys act good. In combat, Garvey is a skilled fighter, and also his ambitions come rebuild The republic with a network of settlements are both honorable and also incredibly smart. He is the man with the plan and also the an abilities to view his ambitions involved life. In fact, he’d rank a lot greater if that wasn’t together a nag around helping settlers.

reputation Garvey is initially found at the Museum the Freedom. When the player chases turn off the Deathclaw, he’ll be located at Sanctuary Hills. Garvey have the right to join the player if they complete the quest, "The first Step." The vital to reputation is to aid the settlements aligned v the Minutemen, helping others in general, and also customizing weapons.

2 Piper

Piper is a woman obsessed through finding the truth and also sharing it through the public, also if it’s something the public doesn’t want to listen or understand about. This enthusiasm has frequently gotten she into warm water, yet has done small to quench her zeal for uncovering angry plots and ratting out the poor guy. In combat, she go alright through her pistol and leather clothing. She likes to walk on adventures, i beg your pardon is comfortable when trying out the wastes, and also gets a thrill out of help people and also delivering justice. The one downside is that her should reveal the truth often put her and also those she cares around in the cross-hairs of dangerous individuals, miscellaneous she no seem to problem herself with almost enough.

Piper have the right to be uncovered in Diamond City and also won’t join the player until they complete either the search "Story that the Century" or "Dangerous Minds." She likes it once the player help the innocent, picks unowned locks, works with the Minutemen, or seeks the diplomatic course to conflict.

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1 Curie

Curie is maybe the most nontraditional romantic companion ~ above this list, offered she starts out together a modified miss Nanny Robot and also becomes a synth in the end. She’s an extremely intelligent and also her French accent deserve to be reassuring to listen to when traversing the radiated wastes. Curie is incredibly helpful in fights many thanks to her deep health and wellness pool and laser weapon. Her ethical compass is quickly the straightest the end of any type of person one can meet in The Commonwealth, and the player never needs to worry around her act anything rash, evil, or mean-spirited. This is someone who will fight in ~ one"s side and also could one day work out down into a regular life, making she the ideal choice.

Curie is uncovered at the finish of the "Hole In The Wall" pursuit in Vault 81 and also simply requirements to be convinced to tag along. Because that players interested in romance, it’s recommend to it is in a selfless and supportive separation, personal, instance to anyone they encounter. It’s likewise important to go after Curie"s quest, "Emergent Behavior" for she to become human.