would certainly a complete body diamond armor and sword insurance survival and also victory against a middle ages battalion? (26 answers)
I have been searching the internet, and also I have actually started to wonder even if it is a diamond sword is feasible or not. I would very much choose to understand the answer.

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You could, yet it probably wouldn"t be worth the effort. Yes, diamond is hard, but unless you have actually an for sure PERFECT crystalline structure all the method down come the nanometer scale, any type of flaw, also a tiny scratch, would eventually turn into a enormous crack as quickly as you started applying affect force. You can put a fantastic edge ~ above a diamond sword, yet as shortly as you started hitting things with it, it"d crack and shatter nice quickly.

Steel makes great swords because it"s hard enough to take it an edge, but soft enough to absorb impact without shattering. A significant part that swordmaking is striking the suitable balance in between the two.


How around a cheaper route?

The Macuahuitl, the "Aztec Sword" was pretty much a Cricket bat, yet with obsidian knives inserted right into the edges. If a tongue cracked or to be broken beyond resuse, you could just change it.

Following that idea, you can have a wood (or metallic) handle and also middle-part the the blade, and also then have a diamond edge. If this is no a pure diamond sword, you do not must worry about micro-fractures almost as much, and also repairing this weapon is a viable option, contrasted to a single diamond gift the sword.


In helpful terms, the other answers covering the macro range - one of two people a brittle tongue of pure diamond (maybe used only because that ceremonial purposes or one-of-a-kind executions). Or a diamond coated blade.

On a lot smaller scale, diamond chisels are offered in laboratories, no as grit because that grinding purposes - yet as solitary atom special (ideally, however in exercise a few atoms thick at the edge) blades for slicing samples real thin - or as a diamond knife in a operation procedure called radial keratomy (since the 1950"s).

The bad-news, 6 mm vast blades (0.236 inches) start at end $2,000 each (beware - advertisement link). Together swords go, this is even smaller than "handy pocket-sized".


Diamonds, mostly industrial quality and also not gem quality, are used for cutting. Together I remember, there are diamond edged saws for various commercial uses, and also the diamonds on the edges have to be replaced as lock wear out.

So i can snapshot someone making use of a technical or miracle sword v a chainsaw action and many tiny diamonds ~ above the edge to enhance cutting v armor or meat or whatever.

Maybe that cuts v anything and also everything in ~ the begin of the fight but as it cut through much more and an ext armor and bodies the diamonds crack and also shatter and the leaf is diminished to only steel and also it only cuts as well as an plain chainsaw would.

Short Answer. No

Most the the information on why this will not occupational is extended in this question.

While it may be possible to develop a knife shaped object from diamond the is simply too brittle to be offered effectively.

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On a side note a sword of pure carbon would also lack the fixed to it is in effective versus a comparable sized steel blade. In swordplay inertia is regularly your friend.

The topic of alternative materials has likewise been spanned in this question

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