Did you understand that there is an enhancing amount the high high quality cacao being grown in the united States?

We know there is a huge amount of chocolate being developed in the US, however until recently, there to be no cacao trees being grown top top American soil, and all cacao being do in the us was do from imported cocoa beans. The is gradually changing.

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The farming of cacao (cocoa) has normally been minimal to a belt 20 levels north or south of the equator, however for the previous 10 year or so, cocoa is now being grown in ~ 21-22 levels latitude in the Hawaiian Islands.

Cacao In Hawaii

You’ll now find about 100 planted acres of cacao farming on the islands of Oahu, the huge Island that Hawaii, and also lesser amounts on the islands of Maui and also Kauai, v the quantity of cacao get an impressive in Hawaii boosting by 25 percent every year.

In 2013, there to be 30,700 pounds that cocoa bean harvested in Hawaii. The that, 24,500 to be grown on Oahu, 5,600 pounds ~ above the large Island, 580 pounds ~ above Maui, and also 100 pounds ~ above Kauai.

It’s interesting to recognize that production is top top the increase, as demand for Hawaiian cocoa far exceeds the amount of beans right now grown, and my experience has proven that Hawaiian grown cocoa is among the best in the world.

I had the pleasure of being invited to get involved in the 2014 field trip the the Hawaii Chocolate and also Cacao combination in February that took me to number of of the 16 test sites whereby cacao is gift grown and also studied with respect come grafting and also fertilization methods as well as disease control.

Cacao Plantations Face Challenges

We also visited the biggest private cocoa estate on the island the Oahu. I’ve viewed cacao cultivation in southern America and the Caribbean and also learned the each growing an ar has its own unique challenges when it comes to growing cacao. Hawaii is no exception, wherein the Chinese increased beetle is the main difficulty to growers.

To combat more devastation come cocoa seedlings from the rose beetles, growers plunder the trunk in a hefty plastic to prohibit the beetles from crunching ~ above the seedlings.

As well, they use LED lamp to save the cocoa areas lit during the night. The beetles only come the end in the dark, so light is projected top top the young cocoa tree from dusk until dawn, discouraging the damaging insects from eat the young tender leaves of the seedlings. I’m told the grasshoppers room a an obstacle on Maui.

Not enough Cocoa to fulfill the Demand

At present, chocolate makers and also chocolatiers in Hawaii need to partially rely on imported cocoa to make their chocolates as there simply isn’t enough cocoa get an impressive on the islands of Hawaii to meet the demand.

and due to higher production costs, the price because that cocoa grown on Hawaii is considerably higher than what coco companies have come pay for imported beans or couverture. However that is changing, and Waialua legacy (owned by Dole), now has 25 acre of cocoa planted alongside its 200 acres of coffee.

They space making some excellent cacao from those beans — most notably the Waialua heritage 55% semisweet bar adorned through Hawaiian cocoa nibs.

You’ll discover that cacao is often grown top top the same residential or commercial property as coffee together they require similar growing conditions. No wonder their flavours room so compatible!

There are rather a number of fine small-batch chocolatiers and also chocolate devices in Hawaii that space making excellent cacao products using local ingredients consisting of Sweet Paradise, Madre, and also Manoa. Be certain to search them out the next time you visit the Hawaiian Islands.

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Photos (in order peak to bottom)

Cacao seedlings growing on Oahu space wrapped in plastic to safeguard the seedlings indigenous the Chinese increased Beetle.