FAQs around heat cycles and spaying discovered here.

What does it mean to go in heat?

This method your female pet is prepared to mate and on the look out for mates. This phase generally comes before ovulation i.e. As soon as the ovaries discharge eggs.

What space the indications of being in heat?

The indicators differ slightly for cats and also dogs, but what you need to be trying to find is behaviour the deviates from your pet"s norm:

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When will my pet’s very first heat cycle start?

On average, the an initial heat cycle have the right to happen between 6 month to 1 year old because that both dogs and cats. But this have the right to vary depending on breed. For instance, larger dog breeds have the right to experience their very first heat cycle after ~ 1 year old.

That said, the can additionally occur as early on as 4 month old. It"s difficult to think but your puppy or kitten deserve to be prepared to friend at together a young age.

The "when" matters since many pet owners are urged to spay your pets before they endure their very first heat cycle for apparent benefits together as:

Reduced risk of occurring mammary tumours

Eliminates threat of occurring ovarian and uterine cancers and/or diseases

Prevents danger of undesirable pregnancies

"Generally, us recommend spaying your puppy or kitten from 6 months old onwards. Yet the recommended age is top top a case-by-case basis. Your pet may be an ideal for a spay in ~ a younger age." - Dr Claire Tan, Chief veterinarian Surgeon, Gaia Vets

Why is it more expensive to spay mine pet when she is in heat?

When her pet is in heat, the vessels that supply blood to she ovaries and uterus have tendency to swell. The tissues around these reproductive organs additionally tend come tear much more easily than normal. This deserve to cause more bleeding climate usual throughout surgery i beg your pardon poses some additional risk. The said, spaying in warm is tho a fairly safe and routine procedure for healthy and balanced pets.

All these factors mean the procedure will tend to take longer and an ext supplies such as gauzes and also sutures may be necessary. The medication prescribed post-surgery will also be a tiny different contrasted to a consistent spay. All these add up to higher costs if girlfriend opt come spay her pet as soon as she is in heat.

My pet gained her heat cycle, exactly how long must I wait before I can publication a spay?

We recommend waiting at the very least 1 month indigenous the finish of her pet"s warmth cycle.

For cats, a warmth cycle deserve to last between 7 to 14 days.

For dogs, depending on their breed, a warmth cycle have the right to last because that a few days come 20 days.

In the meantime, what must I take keep in mind of while waiting for the spay appointment?


If her pet is in heat and you have determined to wait the out, there are a couple of things you should do to prevent unwanted pregnancies:

Make sure your pet does not sneak the end of the house to mate

Watch her pet very closely during walks and tasks especially once other pets space close by

If you have a litter of puppies or kittens, be certain to separate them or neuter the males at an early stage as prevention

Can you spay pregnant pets?

Yes, this deserve to be done yet we carry out not recommend to wait it spins pregnancy. It will certainly be ideal if friend can setup ahead and spay her pet early.

Spaying pregnant pets means terminating the pregnancy. Relying on the stage of pregnant your pets is in, and also your vet will have the ability to advise if your pet is for sure to it is in spayed. Comparable to spaying her pet while she is in heat, the expenses of the procedure will be higher.

What should I look the end for post-surgery ~ a spay?

If your pet was spayed when she is tho in her warmth cycle, you must make sure she walk not get close to any males. She have the right to still attract male dogs throughout this period and any type of mating may reason considerable trauma to her surgical treatment wounds.

Otherwise, spaying is rather a regime procedure. You simply need come follow your vet"s instructions for post-surgery care and medication.

We hope this write-up answers some of your burn questions. As usual, next from offering you totally free tips on her pet"s health and wellness care, ours team in ~ Gaia Vets are constantly ready to help. Publication a consult through us today!

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