On this page uncover out about traditions associated with the irish Claddagh ring. You could be in because that a surprise. The ring legacies are nice simple! this original heritages we write around here have been embellished a lot through salesmen and advertisers. But right here is the genuine deal, told to you by the owner of the earliest license because that making this ring.

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Jonathan, call us around the traditions connected with irish Claddagh rings.



There room some misunderstandings about traditions the IrishCladdagh rings. A lot of of human being these work buy the ring because that themselves, and also itis an absolute myth the you shouldn’t. The is perfectly fine come buy a ring foryourself.

If you room in a relationship, friend wear the in such a method thatthe suggest of the heart faces your body. If over there is no far-reaching other andyou are available for a love relationship, the allude of the heart faces out theway together if you were offering it away. This is the only heritage there isaround the Claddagh ring. A most embellishments have been invented byjewellery traders who favor to mystify the story, however this is the just originalIrish Claddagh rings custom.

As to heritages of making the rings, there are all species ofCladdagh rings obtainable these days, for example diamond Claddagh ring orrings with various other precious stones, ones that space embellished and also decorated andwhat not. Personally i think that once you are making ireland Claddagh rings likethat you are taking far from them.

I decided to stick v the traditional design, asimple yellow Claddagh ring, or a straightforward silver Claddagh ring. Richard Joyce wasa silversmith, and these are the species of ring he made, basic ones. Ns findthat often, less is an ext in terms of design. I additionally like come stick nearby totradition. In fact, my company is built approximately it.


Poster i was delegated by Jonathan for the 250th anniversary ofT. Dillon"s and also Sons, the agency behind the original Claddagh ring.

The poster is showed in the shops museum, a room in ~ theback that has antique rings choose the yellow Claddagh ring displayed below, andassociated items such together tools and documentation relating to commissions. Entryto the museum is free.

Why is the ring referred to as a Claddagh ring?

If the fact be told, nobody to know why it is dubbed Claddaghring. Funnily enough, the Claddagh civilization are the just ones who don’t usage thatword. They call it ‘heart and also hands ring’.

A mid-1800"s travel novel written by a pair that Englishtourists is often credited with coining the term Claddagh ring. In theirwritings, lock talked around seeing practically everyone castle met in theCladdagh wear this rings in gold. In reality, Claddagh human being were very poorand the seems most likely that castle wore lesser alloys.


The ring was never made in the Claddagh through the way. It was made across the flow from there, in the town of Galway.

But the Claddagh people, too, wore it as a wedding band, probably from the mid seventeen hundreds on.

Who buys ireland Claddagh rings these days, Jonathan?

The wedding band organization is just a small percentage that thebusiness. Only about one in fifty customers will certainly buy it together a wedding band.Instead, the ring has end up being a symbol because that Irishness. Part young irish peoplebuy it prior to they emigrate. They want to be viewed as fun loving, easygoing,intellectual and good craic, every these points that are linked withIrishness this days. The Claddagh ring help them to it is in recognised together beingIrish.

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Young american of irish descent love the ring.Owning it, for them is choose owning a piece of Ireland. It provides them feeling moreIrish.

Young people also like the idea the the traditionaround the ring. They like that wearing the ring in the appropriate directionenables you to tell the civilization without words even if it is you are accessible for arelationship or not.