Does Verizon usage SIM cards in that is phones or room they internal? Here’s everything you need to know, including what’s happening come its CDMA2000 network…

When you’re talking about cellphones, a center card is something the most human being will be familiar with. But if you’re about to purchase your first phone, you might be wondering what a sim card is and whether Verizon phones come v one?

The brief answer is, yes, all Verizon phones come through SIM cards.

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SIM stands for Subscriber identity Module and also it is used not only for connecting come LTE services and also handling her calls and texts, but likewise as a data warehouse unit and also a unique ID for your plan.

Your center card will additionally have a unique attribute embossed one of two people on the card itself or with the products it come with. All center cards have actually an ICCID number; this is a collection of digits the outline just how the SIM can be used.


The vast majority of contemporary phones — from iPhones to budget plan Android phones –tend to come v SIM cards. The reason? Most attach to 5G and also 4G networks, and to carry out this you require a sim card.

There are some cheap phones you deserve to buy that come with inner SIM cards; Assurance Wireless ships several of its phones with interior SIM cards.

But this no necessarily a good thing. Because that instance, what wake up if you damages the phone call or it breaks?

Your sim card is hermetically sealed inside the phone, so girlfriend cannot get it out.

With an outside SIM card, you can simply remove the center card and insert it right into a new phone (or an old phone the you’re no using) and resume regular service.

What around Verizon CDMA Phones?

Verizon provided to do CDMA-only phones and some of this did function internal sim cards, however, this company has no longer available to new customers.

Verizon shown its CDMA2000 network will be totally gone by 2022.

Why? ago in 2010, Verizon launches that LTE network and this required different technology than what the CDMA2000 network ran on.

By 2011, Verizon had roughly 98% LTE coverage in the USA.

Between 2011 and 2019, Verizon began winding down its CDMA2000 network through a watch to replacing it with its LTE wireless network.


LTE, consisting of 5G, is the future of cell phone data and this is why Verizon has spent the best component of a decade making the switch.

It take it so long to do the switch because up until 2014, Verizon still offered its CDMA2000 network to deliver its calls.

After 2014, Verizon implemented voLTE (voice end LTE) come its LTE network and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since then, Verizon has included in things choose WiFi Calling and also HD Voice, a modern technology designed to offer its client crystal-clear voice calls end the LTE network.

As of best now, an interpretation from 2020 onwards, all Verizon phones delivery with outside SIM cards.

And if friend buy a new phone in 2021 and beyond, even a cheaper Android phone, there’s a an excellent chance it will certainly be a 5G phone.

And this way you will have the ability to benefit from Verizon’s super-fast 5G network which is right now serving over 230 million Americans.

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You can check out all of Verizon’s latest deals ~ above LTE and 5G phones here, and also its prepaid plans and also family data deals.