As I gear up for Thanksgiving dinner, my thoughts rotate torefrigerator space. It’sat a premium,to put it mildly. The more ingredients and completed dishes I can leave the end on the counter, the better.

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But I’m large on food safety and also would fairly be safe than sorry. Carry out I need to refrigeratepies?


Although neither was a work of arts visually, both were delicious. (The former is native Epicurious through a crust indigenous Stella Park’s brand-new book, iconic American Desserts, and the latter from Cathy Barrow’s new book, Pie Squared.) i didn’t have enough room in the frozen fridge to store them, so I retained them on an unheated porch, which stayed about 40-45 degrees. While you can’t leave food where pets can gain at it, a cold, fastened porch that continues to be cold but doesn’t get listed below 32 levels can work simply fine in a pinch.

On Wednesday, component 2 the this public organization message – much more helpful hints on just how to remain safe and happy with the holiday. No food erotic or yet-another-way-to-make-cranberry sauce – just news you can use.

Oct. 22, 2015Very many information page. I appreciate “words of wisdom”. Mine Great-Great Grandparents own a bakery in a tiny town, brand-new Baltimore, Mich. They were the first bakery in the town. My grand use to provide Bread from the bakery top top his bike to homes and also restaurants. I’m thankful that ns being the eldest cool Daughter, I know cherish all the bakery recipes. The amazes me the she would say, “a pinch of…” or “a scant of”… and also “nut meat”. Lol take it me little bit to figure out the an interpretation and measurements for those terms.Have a Blessed day.

Very exciting information Laura, that ns didn’t know. The critical thing any of united state wants is who to obtain sick from a enjoy the meal at our residence at Thanksgiving. Numerous thanks because that the good tips, i look front to the following post.

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This is good advice Laura! I’ve frequently wondered why grocers deserve to store small custard form pies without refrigeration. Now I know.

Laura, So glad to review this. I am no a pie human but due to the fact that I to be in food industry am asked every the time about refrigerating pies. Ns will allude them to this article! Thanks!