I started using Pyrex glassware before 1998, for this reason I take into consideration the commodities to be practically miraculously heat-resistant. Earlier then, you can safely take a dish from one temperature extreme to another—refrigerator come freezer come oven—without having actually to worry about glassware wrecking from the readjust in temperature. (It’s a phenomenon well-known as “thermal shock.”)

It to be a point of beauty, beauty for any type of home cook who likes come prepare a family-favorite 13×9 casserole top top Sunday night, and also pop it right in the refrigerator for a weeknight meal.

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But what numerous folks don’t recognize is the somewhere along the line, things changed, and also Pyrex glassware is no much longer thermal shock-resistant. If used improperly, the dish have the right to shatter into numerous tiny pieces inside her oven—leaving you v a perhaps harmful mess. Here’s what you have to know:

The original Pyrex is thermal shock-proof


In 1998, Corning offered the Pyrex brand to human being Kitchen LLC, which quit using borosilicate glass and started using soda-lime glass, according to Consumer Reports.

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Soda-lime glass is just ordinary glass.

The point to remember with the Pyrex glass oven-safe temperature is your dish is not resistant to thermal-shock, and it can shatter once going indigenous one temperature too much to another. For this reason if you’ve bought new Pyrex glassware due to the fact that 1998, it’s important to store in mind the what you have is simple glassware and also it requirements to be handled with care.

Here’s what consumer Reports recommends:

Do not location Pyrex top top your oven top

In various other words, easy casseroles deserve to still be her go-to as lengthy as you’re careful with the temperature extremes!