Alcohol is not supplied only together a beverage, however it can also be provided in cooking. When you include it when cooking, that brings out an impressive aroma and makes her meal even tastier.

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Rum is one of the most common drinks in the world, and it is additionally used in numerous sweet and also savory dishes. That is a strong liquor that is distilled from street cane. The Caribbean is renowned for the rum production.

Rum can be white or dark. Not only is it drunk top top its own, however it is additionally mixed right into various cocktails, and also can be included to pastries or fillings. However, if you don’t like adding alcohol to your food, or merely don’t have actually it at hand, is there an alternate that will work simply as well?

The ideal substitutes because that Rum space Brandy, Gin, Cognac, Tequila, Sherry Liquor, Rum Extract, apologize Juice, Orange Juice, White Grape Juice, and also Apple Cider.

Also, listed below we will certainly tell you what come use instead of rum as soon as you space making Tiramisu, as well as what you deserve to use rather of rum extract.

Rum Substitutes

There are two methods you deserve to substitute rum. You have the right to either use an additional alcohol the is similar to rum, or girlfriend can select something that consists of no alcohol. We have gathered together 10 suggestions, along with some info that will assist you choose, and that will help you make her recipes even an ext mouthwatering!

1. Brandy

This is an alcohol addict beverage that is make from distilled wine or fermented fruit mash. Brandy deserve to be a good substitute because that rum in countless recipes. The taste varies according come which fruit it’s do from, and its age, yet generally speaking, that is sweet and also has a sense of dried fruit. Brandy fits well in recipes v an exotic taste, including meat and sauces. use a tablespoon when substituting.

2. Gin

Gin is an additional alcohol that is not only used to make cocktails – it’s also a an excellent substitute for rum in cooking. Make by the distillation of blended spirits v juniper berries and added additional extracts, it is thought about to it is in a an excellent substitute, particularly in savory dishes favor pasta or fish, and sweet dishes and also desserts.

3. Cognac

Cognac is a type of brandy that has countless different seasonings (fruity, spicy, or sweet). Usually, it is supplied to do cocktails, but it can be a good substitute for rum in numerous recipes. Cognac brings extr richness to sauces and also it’s terrific when cooking meat. You deserve to use the in both savory and sweet dishes. Further, cognac have the right to be merged with fruit, olives, and nuts.


Another instead of that works well is apple juice. Sweet and also acidic, you have the right to use the to do dressings, dips, or in salads. The flavor can resemble the taste the rum and you can substitute by making use of ½ cup of to apologize juice because that every 1 tablespoon the rum.

8. Orange Juice

Another juice that will be a an excellent substitute and also do the job right is orange juice. It has a really natural and balanced sweetness, linked with acidity. That may additionally have hints of bitterness, yet it’ll it is in a an ideal replacement in many recipes. Use it once making marinades, integrate with seasoning and also other dipping sauces. Use ½ cup of orange juice because that every tablespoon the rum.

9. White Grape Juice

Another healthy and also non-alcoholic instead of is white grape juice. It has a very refreshing and sweet taste that have the right to be provided in many recipes that require rum, including sweet and also savory dishes and also many beverages. Use ½ cup of white grape juice for every tablespoon of rum.

10. Apple Cider

Another apple product, to apologize cider is terrific replacement because that rum in cooking. This is an unfiltered apple juice that has a stronger taste than apple juice. You can easily use it in place of rum in most recipes, yet make sure you add a an ideal amount due to the fact that it has a more powerful taste. It’s best to add just a little at first, and also then add an ext if necessary.

Substitute because that Rum in Tiramisu

Rum is provided in a delicious and also famous dessert – Tiramisu. Dark or white rum deserve to be used with same success.

However, if you want to stop using rum or don’t have any, you can always substitute v coffee liquor, brandy, or cognac. use equal amounts or adapt it follow to your very own taste – friend can always add more if the taste is not solid enough.

Rum Extract Substitute

If you don’t have rum extract in ~ reach, of food you deserve to use rum. An additional option that is very subtle is vanilla extract.

Vanilla extract will include a delicate touch to your recipe and also bring out a very nice aroma (which will certainly be very similar to rum). Include 1 tablespoon the vanilla extract to begin with, and also then if you desire a more powerful taste and smell simply add a little more.

Related questions:

Can you instead of whiskey for rum in a recipe?

Yes, girlfriend can. It’s most likely one that the ideal choices, as it’s additionally a strong liquor the is generally used in cooking. It has a similar sweet taste and also is great for baking.

Which rum is best for cooking?

Dark and also aged rum is best for cooking. It has actually a very strong flavor and will bring out the taste of her meal. That works particularly well in stews and also with pork.

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Is rum sweet?

Yes! Actually, dark rum is commonly sweet, yet white rum can be dry and have traces the bitterness.