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I"m a huge fan the Mcdonalds ns eat it around 4-5 time a week. I normally order a big-mac through a huge drink, and also fries.I gain my braces in a couple of days, and im just wondering if it will certainly be healthy and balanced for my teeth to eat Mcdonalds, while i have braces??




Food gets stuck in-between the bridges. Esp, gooey crap favor pizza cheese. However they have actually things dubbed Dental brushes the can obtain it unstuck. Ns recommend you gain the wider brushes. However really braces aren"t yes, really all that big of a transaction unless you have a part of you this that"s at sight messed increase (which pipeline that area sore for 2-3 days), girlfriend play a Brass tool or you choose to floss.

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They recommend you don"t eat a the majority of crap however only listen to the gum part. They eliminate the things that tighten her braces (those vibrant things). You"ll be fine with everything else.

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If this write-up was make after September 12th it renders me an ext of a liar.

You"ve gained bigger problems than your teeth in this situation, assuming that this is serious, which ns doubt.

But yeah, I"d avoid seeds ~ above buns and also lettuce, because both can obtain stuck.

It"s not an excellent for you to eat in ~ Mcdonalds 4-5 times a week period.

Say hello to heart failure.

I ate whatever with my braces on. Simply a tip though, the one thing I found difficulties with to be gum. Sp be careful around that.BTW: McDonalds is never ever a healthy thing for you or your teeth.

I admit, I discovered this pretty damn amusing.

You could pop one of the braces off biting into the large mac. Uneven you reduced it up prior to you eat it.

The photo that concerns my mental while analysis "eating McDonalds with braces" renders me desire to punch chunks.

Fuck you, OP. Fuck you.

If you want to look down upon people, raise your head higher.

So I"m walking down the street, and here comes Santa blasting dubstep.

I seriously carry out not watch the difficulty with eating Mcdonalds...

I"m no really that fat anyways...

Anyways a girlfriend of mine called me that he lost weight after he acquired braces, due to the fact that it hurt come eat..I"ll probably try to eat Mcdonalds 3 times a week, and also ill avoid eating as much Potato Chips together possible...

Its not healthy and balanced to eat there any time. It provides you fat.

BTW look in ~ my sig.HAHAHAHAHA, your 15. FAT ASS

No. I had actually braces and everything to be fine. It"s the yes, really hard foodstuffs that hurt and some snacks favor potato chips deserve to occasionally gain bits stuck in between the wires, yet with McDonalds, you have to be fine.

Be a man. Rip the braces from your teeth every time you eat, then use rivets come secure them earlier on afterwards.

You males are all trolls...Fatty this, etc.

I eat McDonald"s every day, occasionally 2-3 time a day.Not because its anything exceptional, but because its convenient once you room hungry and also don"t feel like making food.... Or nomatter where my project sends me, there"s constantly a McDonald"s nearby.

And a insurance I"m in far better shape than most of you.

surrrrrrreeeeeeeee. Being in shape calls for having good exercise and also a good DIET. You have a dreadful diet. So i guarantee that alot that us could be in far better shape the youBTW that kid is all around food.

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My job entails a shitton of physical labor, and just fyi, girlfriend know exactly how nutrition facts are based on a x amount of calorie diet?I guarantee you ns use an ext calories 보다 you consume in a day.