We don’t live in a cashless culture yet. Direct deposit, PayPal and Venmo become much more popular through the day, but paper checks space still a thing.

Until that day arrives, you might still get checks that have to be cashed. You’re most likely here since you have to cash a check.

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If you begin a side hustle this year — neighborhood or online — friend may have actually a client who pays you by document check. Or grandma sent you date of birth money.

Whatever the case may be, you need to cash the check.

Our height Picks For wherein to Cash A Check

Your BankMay be totally free to cash
Issuing BankMay be totally free to cash
Walmart$4 for each check, up to $1,000

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Ways come Cash a examine (Near Me)What to Look For once Cashing a Check

Ways to Cash a examine (Near Me)

Here is a perform of the top places to obtain your check cashed.

1. Your Local bank or credit transaction Union

The best place to cash a check is your personal bank or credit union. Totally free check cashing may be one of your account benefits. By visiting your regional branch, you could have instant access to your cash.

That said, depending upon your local financial institution options, you might be much better off authorized a credit transaction union. Credit unions usually charge under fees than banks.

If you don’t need accessibility to a nationwide network that branches, credit unions room a great choice. A credit transaction union might likewise have a lower minimum balance requirement to stop monthly checking account fees.

Many credit unions just require a $5 minimum balance to store your account open.

Pick a regional credit union or bank that offers totally free checking and is convenient to access. If your bank doesn’t cash checks for free, you need to look because that a brand-new checking account.

2. Visit the Issuing Bank

When you don’t have a financial institution account, the issuing financial institution is the ideal place come start. It can be the cheapest and also quickest option, compared to some of the other choices on this list.

Banks might also have a higher cashing limit than some various other options, too.

The issuing bank’s surname is situated in the bottom left edge of the check, above the memo line. Go to your regional branch of that financial institution to cash the check.

For instance, If the check is authorize by BB&T Bank, you can visit the regional BB&T branch. The teller have the right to then check the account balance to make certain there are sufficient funds come cover the check.

As with any kind of of these check cashing locations, you will need to lug your ID to verify your identity.

Each financial institution has different cashing policies for non-customers. Don’t be surprised if you are charged a non-customer fee, but not every banks and also credit unions charge a non-customer fee.

The best means to uncover out is come call the bank or visit their online website.

If you should pay a fee, banks usually charge among the complying with fees:

$0 for any kind of check balance listed below $50$7-$10 for examine balances above $5010% the the check balance$7 per inspect regardless of the balance

Sometimes, non-customer banks fees can be more expensive than few of the other options mentioned here.

A couple of banks just offer non-customers prepaid debit cards for cashed checks. This exercise is relatively uncommon. This prepaid cards have the right to come through monthly maintain fees and expiration dates. If you obtain a prepaid debit card, review the terms and conditions.

Make sure to usage the map as soon as feasible to ensure your money doesn’t expire.

3. Walmart examine Cashing

Believe that or not, 90% of americans live within15 minute of a Walmart store. It’s an extremely likely you will certainly drive by a Walmart before you pass the issuing bank.

And if girlfriend buy your groceries in ~ Walmart, your cashed check can twin as her weekly grocery store money.

You deserve to expect to pay the following fees for the Walmart inspect Cashing services:

$4 for each check, as much as $1,000$8 because that each examine greater 보다 $1,000

The daily cashing limit is $5,000. The limit boosts to $7,500 between January and also April for Christmas money and also tax refund checks. But note the Walmart won’t cash any an individual checks end $200.

Walmart cashes your check for cash or a Walmart MoneyCard. They waive the reload fee because that the MoneyCard for select payroll companies and government checks.

Walmart cashes every one of these kinds ofchecks:

Pre-printed checksPayroll checksGovernment checksTax checksCashiers’ checksInsurance settlement checks401 (k), retirement disbursement checksTwo-party personal checks (limit: $200)

4. Your local Grocery Store

Grocery stores are hit-and-miss with check cashing services. You need to ask your customer organization desk to discover out. Part stores can only cash payroll checks, cashiers’ checks and money orders.

These checks space printed and not handwritten with a pen. Sadly, check fraud discourages many stores from cashing handwritten checks.

Very few grocers still cash handwritten personal checks, but there are some that do.

Here are four national grocers the still cash checks:


The inspect cashing fees for grocery store stores deserve to be free, up to 2% the the balance or $6 every check. Every store has a different cashing policy.

Some grocers waive the inspect cashing fees if you choose store credit rather of cash. If girlfriend buy groceries in ~ that particular supermarket, this is the much better option.

5. Gas terminal Travel Centers

Most gas stations no much longer cash personal checks of any sort. That doesn’t matter if it’s handwritten, from your employer, or a government check.

The danger of examine fraud is also much. Girlfriend will have actually the most success at travel centers (truck stops) you discover driving follow me the interstate.

A travel center accepts an individual vehicles and has specialized refueling lanes because that semi-trucks.

Two full-service travel facility brands to shot are:

Only a select couple of of their locations cash checks so you will just have actually to try your luck or speak to the closest location to you front of time.

It’s possible to get cost-free checking cashing as soon as you buy fuel in ~ two hours of cashing her check.

6. Transact through 7-Eleven

One the the few gas terminal chains that cashes checks is 7-Eleven. You must download the Transact by 7-Eleven app. This application lets you cash a check by taking a photo of the check with her phone.

Most checks clean within 48 hours and the balance is deposited onto your reloadable 7-Eleven prepaid card.

You deserve to then use the card almost everywhere that Debit MasterCard is accepted, which is most online and retail stores.

7. Endorse Your inspect to a Friend

You can additionally endorse your check to a friend who deserve to cash it because that free. ~ all, what space friends for?

Endorsed checks space sometimes referred to as “third party checks.”

Endorsing a check to a girlfriend to cash is simple. Top top the ago of the check, follow these steps:

On the optimal line, write “Pay to the order of Friend’s Name”You authorize the inspect underneath this endorsement

Every financial institution has different policies because that cashing endorsed checks. Come fight inspect fraud, you can have to accompany your friend come the bank branch come verify your identification too.

Some financial institutions require girlfriend to complete a form. This kind states her friend has actually permission come cash your check. Inspect online or contact the financial institution before her friend go alone come cash the check.

Certain financial institutions including allied Bank, discover Bank and Regions carry out not expropriate third-party checks.

8. Cash Your inspect Using one App

You can additionally cash your personal check online. Two apps the don’t need you to it is in a financial institution customer come cash a inspect are PayPal and Ingo Money.

Ingo Money

This can be the best online app for cashing personal checks. You have the right to use Ingo Money to cash most kinds that checks, including hand-written an individual checks. As soon as you download the app, friend endorse the check and use the app to take a snapshot of that is front and also back. Then you decide wherein you’d like the money come go.

You can prefer Ingo Money since of the many redemption options:

Prepaid debit cardPayPal accountAmazon gift cardOnline bill pay because that retail credit transaction cardsCash pickup at participating MoneyGram locations

With the an initial three options, the examine balance will deposit in a issue of minutes. Once you want to usage your examine amount to salary a retail credit transaction card, the invoice payment write-ups the next service day. Friend can likewise split the balance between multiple redemption options.

Ingo lets you cash check as small as $5 or as lot as $5,000.

This versatility does expense a tiny fee. Handwritten personal checks that room under $100 price $5 come cash. Balances better than $100 expense 5% that the balance.

Pre-printed payroll and government checks price $5 to cash for balances under $250. You will certainly pay 2% the the balance when the balance is higher than $250.

For both inspect types, you deserve to avoid the cashing fees by wait 10 work to get the balance. But, in that case, you have the right to only deposit the balance right into one account.

You can use Ingo Money to deposit your inspect into a Chime Bank account. Chime offers totally free ATM access. You may also receive your straight deposit funds up to two days earlier than if you’d provided a traditional bank.


PayPal is one of the biggest payment processors in the world, and also it additionally offers a means to cash a check. It’s partnered with an initial Century Bank and Ingo Money to provide this service.

As with Ingo Money, you’ll need to an initial endorse the check, then use the app to take it a picture of the front and back. As soon as your inspect is approved, you’ll be prompted to write “VOID” across the prior of the check.

You deserve to then pick to salary a fee and also have her money made available within minutes. The conventional fee is 1% for payroll and also government checks with a pre-printed signature and 5% for every other accepted checks, through a $5 minimum fee per check.

Or, you can pick to wait 10 days to get the funds, in which case the transaction is free.

Checks should be a minimum of $5 and a best of $5,000. You can cash many checks up to $5,000 per day and $15,000 per month.

Once your balance is unlocked, there space multiple ways to accessibility your PayPal funds. You have the right to transfer that to an additional bank account in someday for free. An additional option is carrying the balance to an standard debit map or prepaid map in minutes.

Debit card transfers currently cost 1% that the transfer amount (up to $10) together of September 2020.

Or, you have the right to transfer it come a PayPal Debit Card, which you deserve to then usage at any kind of ATM to obtain cash.


NetSpend provides online examine cashingtoo. Girlfriend can also find a regional NetSpend partner to cash checks too. The examine balance loads to a prepaid debit card.

Standard processing is free. Yet for expedited processing, you salary 2% ($5 minimum) for a preprinted government and payroll checks.

Handwritten checks have actually an expedited processing fees the 5% that the check balance v a $5 minimum fee.

It’s also feasible to obtain $10 overdraft security with your Premier card Account feature.

Green Dot

Green period is another prepaid debit card choice with in-app mobile check cashing. Friend can likewise cash checks at Walmart come reload her prepaid green Dot debit card. It’s cost-free to deposit checks v the mobile app if you can wait 10 days to access your funds.

Otherwise, friend can accessibility your accumulation in minutes by paying a 1% fee because that government and payroll deposits. Handwritten checks have actually a 4% fee.

As that December 2020, environment-friendly Dot has actually the following mobile check cashing limits:

The minimum inspect balance should be $5Single examine balance can’t exceed $2,500Can cash as much as $5,000 in a solitary dayCan just cash up to $10,000 every 30 days

If you need to write someone a check, eco-friendly Dot will send girlfriend a book of document checks. You don’t have to open a check account as the balance comes off your debit card.

9. Examine Cashing Stores

This pointer should always be your option of critical resort since of the high fees.

Most places charge a portion of the balance rather of a flat fee.For smaller inspect balances, this have the right to be cheaper than other stores that charge a level fee. But, fees for large balances are often lower at most other places, even if they fee a percent of the examine balance.

Thesecheck cashing storesare easy to uncover in your neighborhood town. They will certainly cash every kind of an individual check, including handwritten check from family and friends. Sadly, this convenience comes at a high price. These stores charge the highest check cashing fees.

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When you placed the balance on their reloadable debit card, friend must also pay a monthly maintain fee. Expect to salary a reload fee every time, too. If possible, cash her checks at Walmart if you desire a reloadable debit card.