This is a frequently asked inquiry for homesteaders, and also a an extremely valid one.There space a lot of different opinions on this, therefore the price is have to black and also white.

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Chickens and ducks have enough differences that real estate the independently would be ideal in numerous cases. But, what if friend don’t have the room?


There are numerous considerations you will have to make, and also we’ll break them down below for you.

They require Separate Brooders

First, it would certainly be best to brood ducks and chickens separate if you can.

if you room NOT able to (we normally can’t as result of space) then there room some things to remember. Ducklings choose water and to pat in the water. Chicks, not so much.

Ducklings have the right to splash water anywhere in the brooder that gets the bedding and also chicks soaked. To store them both safe and happy, add just a regular chick sprinkler to the brooder. The ducks will certainly get sufficient to drink native it.

We additionally took our ducks out regularly and let castle play in the bath tub with a pie pan full of water day-to-day for around an hour or so.

They were happy v that. In the wild, a mom duck will put oil top top the ducklings feather that allow them to float in the water.

Since they space not wild, and I am no a mom duck, placing ducklings in deep water for long periods that time deserve to actually reason them to acquire soaked and also even drown.

If you brood lock separately, when introducing ducks to chickens, it’s ideal to execute it in ~ night when the chickens have roosted.

When they are sleeping, castle don’t notice “strangers” being included to your coop and run together quickly. This help them blend right into one flock together easier. Ducks and also chickens will play together nicely, eventually.

If friend brood lock together, make sure you store a great eye top top the environment throughout this period.

You must keep the temperature in between 90 and also 95 degrees F (32 – 35 C), reducing the temperature every main by five degrees. Stop reducing it once it get 70 levels F (21 C), i m sorry is often when the birds are ready to go outside.

Keep the brooder as draft-free together possible. When ducks are a bit an ext resilient to the cold air than chickens, girlfriend still have to keep castle nice and also warm.

They can Live with each other as adults – but With Modifications

Ducks are low-maintenance, and also many human being find them simpler to raise than chickens. The most straightforward duck shelter can consist solely of a small area through a special layer the straw.

You don’t need roost bars, as you perform with chickens, and also they additionally don’t normally use nesting boxes. Instead, ducks frequently make your own colonies in the straw ~ above the floor, in i beg your pardon they will lay their eggs.

However, ducks require a lot of moisture. They also emit moisture as soon as they sleep! Therefore, any form of duck housing, also mixed or secluded housing, needs to have actually plenty of great ventilation.

You must make sure air flow is increase high and not under by the floor, i m sorry can reason drafts.

Keep an eye on the walls of the coop during the winter. If you watch condensation ~ above the wall surfaces or top top the inside of the windows, you need to add an ext ventilation.

Make certain you cover every windows and also vents through ¼ come ½ customs welded cable to stop predators favor snakes and weasels from getting after your ducks, chickens, and their eggs.

Ducks can also make one unholy mess through their food and also water. This is a major challenge that arises for people who pick to raise ducks and chickens with each other – they want to save feed and water equipment inside the coop.

While this is often important for the chickens, if you’re elevating ducks, it may be most basic to move the entirety set-up outside.

This can entice vermin and also predators, so you’ll need to collection up a for sure feed and also water system that isn’t quickly contaminated or obtainable by anybody except your ducks and chickens.

Remember the ducks are an ext cold-hardy than many breeds that chickens. While your duck housing can be much more ventilated and exposed 보다 a chicken coop, this might pose troubles to her chickens during the coldest months of the year.

Ducks will sleep top top the coop floor at night. If you’re using another technique of bedding besides straw in your chicken coop, move to straw.

This hollow nesting product keeps warmth air inside its shafts, i m sorry will help keep your ducks warm on the floor as they sleep.

The one major problem that civilization have in real estate ducks through chickens – besides the truth that ducks nothing sleep for lengthy periods of time – is that ducks often select to sleep under the roost bars that the chickens.

You can block off the area under the roosts or use poop hammocks or trays to assist prevent this.

They might Need different Food

Not always. Chick starter additionally can contain anti Coccosidistats.This is often added to help prevent Coccidiosis, which is a parasite the can damage the gut the chickens.

Ducks can conveniently overdose on the included medication and die. We actually carry out not feeding our chicks or ducklings any type of medicated feed to stop this. I haven’t ever before had an concern with Coccidiosis myself.

If you pick to usage medicated feed, you have to keep an eye on exactly how much the ducklings room eating, or feed them separately. When ducks and chickens are completely grown, they have the right to all walk on the exact same flock feed regardless.

Adult ducks have the right to eat chicken great feed, yet you might want to add some brewer’s yeast. This will offer your duck the extr niacin they need in order to assistance their bone and also leg strength.

While chicken feed currently contains niacin, that is not included at the level her ducks will require. Your chicks will also benefit indigenous the added niacin.

Your ducks might need to it is in fed wheat, too, relying on how much calcium is in your chicken feed.

While countless ducks can discover their own food native free-ranging, snacking on things like slugs, insects, duckweed, and also grass, wheat will aid balance the end the extra calcium in the class feed.

You need to avoid offering wheat free-choice to her chickens, however, together it can cause digestive troubles as it no contain enough protein.

When her ducks eat, lock will do so by acquisition a bite of food and also then using water come swish it around in your bills. Anytime her ducks have access to food, they additionally need access to water.

The waterer for your ducks need to be a tiny deeper 보다 that you carry out for your chicken – commonly a rubber or plastic bathtub that is a couple of inches thick will do the trick.

You have the right to feed ducks and chickens the very same treats, too. Most treats, like mealworms, cucumbers, and also watermelon, are enjoyed by both species, however you need to also include treats choose leafy greens to her ducks’ diets.

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They won’t be as most likely to touch seeds favor sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or flax seeds. Offer a good variety that treats to keep everyone happy!

Ducks may have a tough time fitting their wide bills right into the chicken feeding trough. Friend will have to use a larger, broader bowl in bespeak to help them out.