You usage your PS4 not only for gaming, but likewise to watch your favorite movies. You execute this by put a DVD or Blu-Ray in the disc leader or by streaming. In this article I explain exactly exactly how you clock movies on your PS4.

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Your PS4An active internet connectionAn active Netflix account (optional)Your DVD and/or Blu-ray collection


The easiest choice to watch movies on her PS4 is to placed your games ago in the box and also put her favorite DVD or Blu-ray in the bowl reader. Make sure you"re currently in the PlayStation main menu and also your PS4 immediately opens the media player come play your movie. Note, UHD Blu-ray discs are not supported, so because that this you need a unique UHD Blu-ray key player.

If you have internet, streaming is likewise a good solution. Whether you use a payment subscription prefer Netflix or just watch cat videos top top YouTube, you certainly won"t get bored.


In order to usage Netflix, execute the following:

Navigate to the PlayStation keep from the main menuNavigate under to the "Apps" section.Select the Netflix app and also choose "Download".Wait till the download is complete and also start the app.Log in with your Netflix account or shot a cost-free trial and also watch her favorite series from your PS4.

Do you like to clock the bizarre stunts of your favorite streamers live? In the case, the Twitch application is simply the thing for you.

Navigate come the PlayStation store from the key menuNavigate down to the "Apps" section.Select the Twitch app and choose "Download".Wait till the download is complete and also start the app.Look for her favorite streamer or pick a game you"re interested in and also let the viewing satisfied begin.

Movies, check. Gaming streams, check. Cat videos? Almost.

Navigate to the PlayStation store from the main menuNavigate under to the "Apps" section.Select the YouTube app and choose "Download".Wait till the download is complete and start the app.Search for "cute kitten compilation" and also forget your problems with this cute kittens.

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