Are you hesitant around writing your home attend to on the envelope when sending a letter come a pen pal or who you don’t know? If you wondering, “Can friend send a letter there is no a return address?” read our guide to uncover out the answer. 

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How To brand Letters the appropriate Way

To address a letter properly, you must include:

The return address in the top-left edge on the front of the envelope (write your name, street address, number of house or apartment, city, state, and ZIP code in no an ext than three lines)One or multiple stamps in the upper best corner

Format the mailing attend to like this:

Where come WriteLabeling casual LetterLabeling a officially LetterLabeling a Letter come an separation, personal, instance in a Company
First rowNameTitle and also nameCompany name
Second rowAddress or P.O. Box details c/o Title, name, and also job position
Third rowCity, state, and ZIP codeCompany address
Fourth row-City, state, and also ZIP code

Can You mail a Letter there is no a Return Address?

If you go to the post office come send mail, the salesman will urge that you compose the return address. To avoid including your address, you can place the envelope in her or the USPS mailbox, and also the mail carrier will pick that up.

While you have the right to send a letter through a mailing deal with only, that’s not the best choice. The envelope have to contain the return deal with in case your letter can not be delivered and needs to be went back to you. 

Another benefit of writing the return deal with is that your letter will certainly be much faster to sort and also deliver. Machines handle mailpieces and scan both the return and also the mailing deal with to affix a barcode and make the procedure quicker. 

If your envelope no contain the return address, the makers won’t be able to sort it, and it will finish up in a different bin. The letter will continue to be there until among the workers has the time to kind it. This means that your letter will certainly take much longer to reach its destination. 

What happens to Undelivered Mail there is no Return Address?

Undelivered letters with no return resolve are sent out to the letter Recovery center in Atlanta, Georgia, and also destroyed or recycled. 

Mailpieces the contain beneficial items are hosted in the letter Recovery facility for part time. If no one cases them, the items get auctioned.

To avoid having your letter destroyed, you should consider writing at the very least your surname and also ZIP code, if not the entire address. In that way, the receiver won’t know your address, however the letter will be returned to you in instance it can not be delivered. 

Another alternative is to pay because that a separate P.O. Box and use it together the return attend to on her letters.

How countless Stamps have to You Affix? 

When identify how numerous stamps to ar on the envelope, you have to take the postage price into account. You deserve to calculate the cost of e-mail by opened an online postage price calculator and also entering the adhering to info: 

Mail classThe envelope’s:WeightHeightLengthThicknessDestination

Mailing a standard 4x6 an initial Class mail letter that weighs one ounce right now costs $0.55, which means that you need only one Forever stamp. If your letter is heavier, you have to affix an ext stamps. Because that example, a two-ounce letter needs one Forever stamp and also one added Ounce stamp due to the fact that the postage price is $0.75. 

You can always ask a write-up office clerk come tell friend how many stamps you have to purchase if you nothing feel favor doing the math. 

Use and Don’t Worry around Letter Labeling

Many civilization still usage snail mail also though the process of mail letters have the right to take hours. If sending letters via mail is your just option, you have to rely ~ above With us, girlfriend won’t have to attend to the envelope, acquisition stamps, or go to the write-up office. All you have to worry about is composing and uploading your letter—everything else will be ours job.

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These space the steps you should finish to send letters without visiting the post office:

Select our Send mail productType in the recipient’s name and addressUpload her letter


If you wish to track the letter, you need to go come the My conflicts page on her account.

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