Gas leaks around the air filter normally indicate troubles with valves inside her engine and how that is handling gas. Read listed below to learn what specifically might be leading to your lawn mower and small engines to leak gas with the vent tube and air filter.

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WARNING: Fuel and also its vapors are incredibly flammable and explosive. Always handle fuel with too much care. Never attempt to start or run an engine or device that has a fuel leak.

Always read the engine and also equipment manual(s) before starting,operating, or servicing your engine or devices to avoid an individual injury or property damage. Watch an authorized dealer or contact Briggs & Stratton if you space unsure of any type of procedure or have extr questions. Discover all Engine security Warnings


Gas leaks about the lawn mower air filter deserve to indicate her engine valves are not functioning properly. If her engine has a fuel shut-off valve, ensure the this valve is closed once the engine is not in use.

Check for any kind of signs the valve damages that might prevent it from automatically closing once the engine stops running. If it continues to be open and sticks, it might indicate the the valve is worn-out and also in need of a replacement.

Another common reason of gas leaking approximately air filter is as result of carburetor issues.

Fuel to rise Issue: draft to keep pressure within the carburetor by closing off the mechanism at a specific fuel level, the fuel to rise can end up being stuck, causing gas escaping from the carburetor right into the vent tube & wait filterDamaged or Dirty Carburetors: If your engine’s carburetor is dirty or cracked, climate it could additionally lead to leaking fuel roughly the waiting filter

Cleaning or replacing your carburetor or fuel float may be necessary, however make certain to understand how to troubleshoot or company carburetors prior to taking action.

For engine investigate or gas leak help, call one of our Briggs & Stratton Dealers near you.

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