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Question - (30 November 2012) 5 Answers - (Newest, 30 November 2012)A female
age 26-29,anonymouswrites:

Is it normal for my friend to not take my shirt off as soon as we are acquiring frisky? that loves touching and also sucking on my breasts however he will not take it my shirts off.Is it since I am unattractive? i asked him about it and also he cases he has actually no idea why the doesn"t. Anyone understand why or if this is normal?

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Amale reader, anonymous, writes (30 November 2012):

Perhaps choose a lot of of guys he likes some garments left on? I"m no qualified to explain why however certainly in my case I choose a partially dressed female to a entirely nude one till we get down and do it. Miscellaneous to perform with the an enig of it, plus taking off those critical items is incredibly sexy.

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A reader, anonymous, to write (30 November 2012):

Do you know just how long that takes come take turn off a shirt and also a bra? particularly at his age? It have the right to kill the mood and also make a man feel awkward and also stupid.

I average I have the right to do it v one hand now and also a bra before she also knows I"m going to. The whole process takes about 20 seconds for the shirt and bra come come off.

But once I was his age it took forever a lot of the time, they"d have to stop and also do it themselves and I felt a little bit of an idiot.

OP simply take those off yourself, if friend pop your boobs out in former of him he"s going to play with them, an easy as that. Not many guys particularly at his age like to feel like fumbling stupid so the won"t even bother. Maybe you might make a game out of it sometime. I had a girlfriend teach me the one hand bra removed trick and let me exercise on her. That was many fun. There"s even videos of just how to execute it on youtube.


A femalereader, CindyCares 

 +, to write (30 November 2012):

Probably because at his period he is simple, basic, no frills and an extremely horny. He zooms best on his target, no time for the good points that a refined seduction with slow, tantalizing stripteases, LOL.

You"ve gained nothing to worry, IMO, and also it has nothing to perform with your attractiveness , your bf is simply a little bit ,well, unpolished yet. Simply TELL him what you want him to do- or take off your shirt yourself :).


Afemale reader, anonymous, writes (30 November 2012):


I really wouldnt worry about this, my boyfriend is the same. Periodically we rip whatever off, other times we simply dont.

It really relies on the moment, dont concern at all, ns sure everything is fine.


A femalereader, Dorothy Dix 

 +, writes (30 November 2012):

Hi there. It"s got nothing to perform with being attractive or not.

It"s simply the method he does it.

Let me tell you, that if he believed you were unattractive, he wouldn"t be v you in the very first place, would certainly he?

So he very obviously, finds you really attractive!

This seems clear.

And if the is only kissing that you do and also he suck your breasts then, that is more than likely being really conscious the the truth that you might NOT be prepared to go any type of further than kissing, which would definitely explain why that DOESN"T remove your top.

He probably doesn"t want to go any kind of further - towards sex - till he knows without any kind of doubt, that you room absolutely ready for this big step.

And it is a large step, most certainly. So girlfriend do need to be emotionally ready, for as soon as that time comes.

In month to come, you will certainly instinctively know when you want to endeavor down the path.

DO no rush right into it though, there"s lot of of time.

So if i were you, I would take that - his no removing your peak - together being a mark of respect for you.

So don"t be as well concerned, since there is no should be.

And ns am currently assuming that you have not had actually sex with each various other yet, and also so that realizes that if he was to eliminate your top, that it could lead to sex, and also he is aware that that"s most likely not what you want at the moment.

So consequently, he is holding back on act that, until you tell the clearly, that you are ready.

So perform NOT be forced into it, if it simply doesn"t feel ideal to you.

It DOES have to feel emotionally right, PLUS, your relationship with him demands to be constructed on common respect and also trust because that each other, and that he treats you at all times, v dignity and also respect, takes you the end to quite places, and also spends part money ~ above you.

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The key thing is the you space happy v him and also in his company, and that you enjoy each other"s firm and feel comfortable v each other as well, is also very important in any relationship.

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