The idea that Babyonce's name Blue Ivy equates to the surname of Lucifer's daughter in Latin once spelled backwards together "Eulb Yvi" has actually been all the rage due to the fact that Beyonce and also Jay-Z's pink bundle of joy made her arrival into the people on Jan. 7.

The crackpot theories have been overwhelming. Whether or not you think it's disrespectful come the proud parents and also a two-day-old infant, there's world out there that really and also truly believe that the moniker Blue Ivy is proof positive of Jayonce's membership in the much-rumored Illuminati. Ever before stop for a minute come think that possibly it's simply a combo the Bey's favorite color and also plant?

However, a closer check (provided through The Examiner) shoot down many of these theories the the baby's name has nefarious origins and also is therefore a hellion around to bring down the planet.

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First, the idea the Blue Ivy backwards – Eulb Yvi -- is Latin because that the surname of Lucifer's female offspring is complete of theoretical and also factual holes. There is no proof that Lucifer also had a daughter. She's not mentioned in the Bible. And also there has been no proof that such a translation of those words exists.

Also, the idea that angels, please or otherwise, can also have sex and reproduce, is a biblical hot topic. Lucifer is a please angel, yet an point of view nonetheless, for this reason his reproductive volume is in question and also hotly debated among scholars that biblical texts.

However, other biblical college student feel that angels can reproduce, courtesy of a line in Genesis, chapter 6. Part scholars that this text think that please angels, favor Lucifer, impregnated human women v an interspecies (of sorts) mutant that resulted in havoc ~ above the earth, since they to be monstrous giants that brought about God to send the flood that is famed in the Noah's Arc story.

Also, us tried to find the translate into of Blue Ivy order backwards – AKA Eulb Yvi -- and also it doesn't show up … Anywhere. We ran the words on numerous online Latin dictionaries and translators and also no such results were returned.

So this theory that spread quickly and trended online seems to be like Swiss cheese -- full of holes.

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Perhaps conspiracy theorists and also Illuminati watchers can find something better to perform with your time? if we understand the idea the celebrities space fair game for gossip and also chatter given their public profiles, link someone's child infant v Satan is hurtful stuff.