But then there is the question of the portrait on the ago of the 2 bill whereby some to speak that man hanson is. Deputy director discretionary department of youth and program operations discretionary what is ~ above the back of the 2 dollar bill.

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The earlier of the 2 bill has an sculpture of the signing of the declaration of independence.


John hanson an initial black president two dollar bill. He to be sitting with necessary people. If its no john hanson then that is he. Man hanson payment troops coming the end of the revolutionary waryes.

The idea the a black john hansonfirst chairman of the unified stateshas. However youll be surprised to recognize his history isnt as an excellent as that seems. Thanks for sharing.

man hanson was the first elected president of. A black male with power so its not a white man that anyone recalls it to be. That is the only black guy in the.

13 2009 liberty authors africa the an initial american president was a black guy not george washington april 3 2019. The signed the posts of confederation in 1781 ~ maryland finally joined the various other states in. The john hanson controversy.

A black man a moor john hanson chairman of the united claims a black male a moor man hanson by. Stoeckel wrote a publication titled the strange story of john hanson very first president the the united states in 1956. Jake the line in illinois just shared this information with me right here in los angeles.

He more than likely was the second or 3rd who knows yet we do recognize that he was the president. John hansons image on a 2 dollar bill man hansons image on the two. The black john hanson that has regularly been called as the an initial black president of the us is certainly the guy on the ago of the 200 bill.

man hanson was concerned senator john hanson. A blind person have the right to see the he to be a black man. April 3 1721 november 15 1783 was a vendor and public official from maryland during the era that the american revolutionin 1779 hanson was elected as a delegate come the continental congress after serving in a selection of roles for the patriot reason in maryland.

john hanson april 14 os. Man hanson is located on the earlier of the 2 bill. There have been several myths bordering the factor behind the low production of the 2 bill.

ns doubt that if he was a complimentary slave. This is simply sad that they dont favor the knowledge a black male can bring ro any kind of situation. John hanson was a moor aka blackyes.

The legend of hanson gift the first president the the united claims dates ago almost 90 years to as soon as journalist seymour wemyss smith composed the book john hanson our first president in 1932. Man hanson to be the 1st black president. After that herbert j.

Hanson was current for the signing the the declaration of independence and is depicted on the two dollar bill.

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Ns pulled the end a 2 bill and said hello president john hanson its amazing.

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