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CategoriesNooks and cranniesYesteryearSemantic enigmasThe human body beautifulRed tape, white liesSpeculative scienceThis sceptred isleRoot of all evilEthical conundrumsThis sporting lifeStage and also screenBirds and also the bees THIS SPORTING LIFEWhy carry out american football football player wear (what shows up to be) black greasepaint stripes on your faces? Swen Anton, Vienna, Austria Supposedly to tempt the sunshine away indigenous the eyes, yet I doubt that the actual reason is the it provides them look mean motherf*****s that aren"t to it is in messed with. Philip Keegan, Graz Austria to dull the reflection from sweat that gathers ~ above the cheak below the eyes: wearing both gloves and a helmet that shields the face, it"s difficult for the currently porcine finger of the typical football player to wipe the insight face. Steve, eastbourne uk It"s not just American football players who wear that now; part goalkeepers are also doing so. It"s design to keep the sunlight out that one"s eyes. B Allason, London UK i don"t recognize much about American Footballers, however the Turkey and also Barcelona goalkeeper Rustu Recber additionally sports this "war paint" under his eyes. He cases the factor is that the paint lessens the glare of stadion floodlights which can be dazzling, back I doubt it"s really just to look at scary... Huw Rees, London UK i play football and also i stay eyeblack because it help the glare native the lamp to remain out of mine eyes. The looking like a mean MF is just a bonus. Andrew, California, us They wear the to store the sun out of your eyes and also it"s like their war paint - as if they were going to battle. Richard King, ft Myers, Florida USA ns played football and also we placed black greasepaint or black color stripes under our eye to keep the glare from the sun or field lights the end our eyes, permitting us to watch the ball once it"s in the air. Go SAINTS!!! F Martin, Bassfield, United states of America 2 main reasons indigenous a useful pov, the very first is to take the glare reflection off the skin which have the right to distort depth late (hence why the brand-new strips are referred to as "glare strips). The 2nd is to offer the QB a second set the "eyes", defensive players watch the QB/WR"s eye to view where castle are concentrating to shot to anticipate the beat direction. The strips acts as a distraction (many have light clues in the middle) to confused or distort human being looking in ~ the QB"s eyes. John, Austin Texas i think its more of an ego trait 보다 a scientific theory. They need to wear shades to go v the remainder of the unnecessary over the optimal American regalia....eeehhhhh rugby!! Simon, Chichester, UK The regulations of Optics state that with specular reflection (smooth surfaces such as a mirror)the angle of incidence amounts to the angle of reflection. Thus if a football player"s inspect was to win by light from over it would be impossible to reflect the light ago up into his eyes. However, the player"s examine is not a smooth surface but rather is an necessary irregular surface. Dealing only with the irregularity that that surface the reflections would be in ~ multiple angles from the lot of irregular surfaces. However, each surface would still be governed by angle of incidence/reflection rules.In the situation of person skin, the light can pass v skin surface and also be reflected from the inner surface causing diffuse reflection consisting of multiple angles of reflection. Multiple inner reflections CAN cause the event light to be reflected together a Reflex angle of 330-358 degrees that could reach the human being cornea.This would amount to at most 1% of the occurrence light and thus would certainly be insignificant to sportsmen or women. The black color paint/patches ~ above the cheeks room an affectation only. Kenneth Hansen, MD, Seattle USA This study appears to disagree with the ahead poster. The capacity of Periorbitally applied Antiglare products to Improve contrast Sensitivity in problems of sunlight ExposureBackground: sun glare to reduce athletes" contrast sensitivity and also impairs their capacity to differentiate objects native background. Plenty of commercial products case to minimize glare however have no been proven effective in clinical studies.Objective To identify whether glare-reducing commodities such together eye black color grease and also antiglare stickers alleviate glare and improve comparison sensitivity during sunlight exposure.http://archopht.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=415492 C.Holmes, Coventry England they wear it because they secretly like wearing make up. In old times it was professed through that an excellent Egyptian prophet that there would one day as soon as again be grown an effective men wearing assembly he referred to as them fagqis therefore where the modern day happy term FAG come from. Andy, Melbourne Australia include your answer

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