Black history month is a month-long observance every February that celebrates the life-altering accomplishments and exceptional contributions of afri Americans come the U.S. And the people in general. 

Also known as african American history month, the is an iteration that Carter G. Woodson’s the Negro background Week created in solution to the absence of publicly-available information about the accomplishments of black Americans in U.S. History. 

In the heart of the month, let’s take it a look at at some of the innovative black color men and also women who, v sheer ingenuity and also fortitude, cemented the structure for the HVAC industry.

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What would certainly life be choose without heating and also cooling systems? It’s for sure to say we’d be uncomfortable, if not totally miserable. Summers would have us sweltering and also winters would have us freeze over. Many thanks to the contributions of significant African American inventors of HVAC technology, us have fully functioning waiting conditioning equipment to keep us comfortable in our homes:

Fredrick McKinley Jones is amongst the most well-known inventors of the early 20th century. A co-founder that Thermo King, Jones helped collection the speed for groundbreaking HVAC technology by inventing a portable air conditioning unit in 1938. 

Jones’s self-contained, automatic air air conditioning unit reinvented not simply the HVAC industry, but likewise the food industry. Thanks to his invention, grocery store chains and also food manufacturing companies might now import and export perishable assets that previously can only be spread as crate items. The portable AC unit gave rise to a new industry the frozen foods. 


Lewis Latimer is synonymous with developments like the telephone, since he worked hand-in-hand through Alexander Graham Bell, and helped him breeze the patent because that it.

In addition, Latimer added to the advance of contemporary air conditioners by creating a cooling and also disinfecting apparatus. It was supplied to regulate climate, disinfect rooms, and was frequently used in hospitals to prevent dust circulation in theatres.

 He is additionally notable because that inventing a much more efficient and affordable carbon filament for thomas Edison’s incandescence bulb.

Similar to various other men and inventors in black history, Lewis had small to no education. He was the last of four kids born to previous slaves, George and also Rebecca Latimer. 

He had to job-related to assistance his household at the period of ten after ~ his father’s disappearance and also joined the U.S. Navy at period 15. He joined a patent legislation firm in ~ 17, whereby he went on to come to be the an innovative black male we recognize of today.

Lewis was a self-taught genius that beat all odds to become one that the most inspiring heroes in black history. His other creations include:

Safety elevator Locking racks because that hats and also coatsRestroom because that railroad passenger cars Electric lamps gloves supporter

The above are a few of the many great African American inventors who contributed to the HVAC industry. There is no them, residence Comfort USA and the heating and air conditioning market wouldn’t it is in what it is today. 

These inventors are the factor why we deserve to enjoy a comfortable, climate-controlled home any kind of day the the year.

That said, it’s incredibly crucial to respect black history month. It’s an opportunity to learn around the an imaginative African American men and women who proceed to touch our stays daily, decades after their inventions.

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