Most human being have heard that Jack Daniel’s whiskey. The charcoal-mellowed honey-hued tipple is undeniably a worldwide favourite. Not simply anecdotally either; the Deep Southern soul is the 4th best-selling whiskey in the world and also the bonafide best-selling American spirit.

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You can not argue v those statistics.

Though it’s regularly blunted by the addition of Coke, the distinctive flavours of practiced Jack Daniel’s are what have cemented it into the windy favour. Come sip JD is to experience the sweet, yet complicated character that the southern state in which the distilled.

When the smooth, golden spirit seeps into your tastebuds, she tasting at as soon as the Smoky hills of Tennessee, the tall oaks, the red maples and also the sticky-sweet reticent which sugars the breeze, lavished by the state’s abundant wildflowers.

Some say that Jack Daniel’s is the bottled essence of the whole of the USA. Open minded Sinatra plainly thought so– that was hidden at his request v a party of the lovely whiskey. Not that they essential it, but Jack Daniels couldn’t have paid for a better endorsement.

Jack Daniel’s single Barrel choose is one of the best whiskey native the well known American distillery.

Jack Daniel’s bottle sizes and prices

BottleSizePrice (USD)
Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7750ml$25
Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select1 litre$170
Gentleman Jack750ml$30
Jack Daniel’s Rye Whiskey1 litre$40
Jack Daniel’s environment-friendly Label750ml$100
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey750ml$35

Where to buy Jack Daniel’s online?

A couple of lesser-known facts around Jack Daniel’s

For together a popular tipple, Jack Daniel’s whiskey is steeped in a fair amount of secret and peculiarity.

The mystery of Old No. 7

Nobody to know why the first-ever bottle, distilled in 1864, was named “No. 7”.

The rumour mill has actually been working overtime come speculate top top the resonance, through some claiming that the ‘7’ to represent the number of Jack Daniel’s lovers at the moment of bottling. Others firmly insist that the number shows the number 7 train which delivered his barrels.

Either way, to include further intrigue; come date, the famed Tennessee Jack Daniel whiskey distillery has had a grand full of seven understand distillers in that employ.

Perhaps seven was the variety of distillations it took to gain it right. We’ll simply never know, as unfortunately, Jack Daniel’s took the particular an enig to his grave.

The classic Old No. 7 Jack Daniel’s bottle.

Jasper Newton Daniel

Or just “Jack Daniel” to us.

In a hit of both tragedy and also serendipity, Jasper “Jack” Newton Daniel obtained a whiskey still at the tender age of 13. Before that, ~ the death of his mother and also subsequent estrangement indigenous his father, he’d been schooled by family members friend Dan speak to (or his slave, depending upon what girlfriend read) on how to produce and distil whiskey.

During his adolescence, when perhaps his peers were loitering in town, guzzling the neighborhood moonshine, Jack was refining his own whiskey distilling procedure in order to be the finest whiskey distiller Tennessee had ever known.

As us all know, he was wildly successful, and Jack Daniel’s whiskey can be found bejewelling the shelves of any type of self-respecting liquor store.

So, to complete the story of Jack Daniel, his death is carefully linked to his life’s work:

On October 11th 1910, Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel passed far from an epidemic which had slowly but surely wrought destruction on his leg.

As legend has it, 6 years previously Jack had broken the offending toe by kicking the distillery’s for sure in a explode of frustration, enraged from forget the code. In a twist of fate just fitting because that such an icon, spirits were regularly used to fight infection. So, simply maybe, Jack Daniels could’ve conserved Jack Daniel.

Tennessee whiskey or bourbon?

Categorically a Tennessee whiskey and not a bourbon, the fact has however been topic to enthusiasm controversy and also has spawned heated discussions over the years. The brand states (and the government concurs… now) that the famed whiskey is undoubtedly a Tennessee whiskey, and shall be called as such.

In truth, the significant component the behests the categorisation of Jack Daniel’s as a whiskey and also not a bourbon is the painstaking charcoal filtration process i beg your pardon bestows the heart its smoky flavour before the ageing begins.

Once distilled, the at first clear heart is left come drip steadily through a barrel of handcrafted charcoal. This is well-known as the ‘Charcoal mellowing’ or by locals together the ‘Extra Blessing’.

It is this process that provides JD its colour and also precisely defines the whiskey as… Well, a whiskey. And also not a bourbon.

So, if girlfriend order a bourbon and coke at the bar and they offer you a JD, on their heads be it.

A distillery in a dry town

Welcome to Lynchburg, Tennessee, where you can not buy Jack Daniel’s in a bar.

The Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Distillery, other than gift the world’s oldest registered whiskey distillery, is located in the dry town of Lynchburg, Tennessee.

With a minute population of 361 residents, Lynchburg is located in among the few counties in phibìc America that maintains an enduring hangover (so to speak) native the restrictive laws of Prohibition, i m sorry lasted nationwide from 1917 v to 1933.

Shortly after Prohibition, Lem Motlow, who happened to it is in Jack Daniel’s nephew, ended up being State senator. With his influence (and a sprinkle of nepotism) the ensured the legislation permitted for whiskey to continue to be produced in his county, however interestingly, no sold. This continues to be the situation today.

In actuality, as result of recent reforms, you have the right to purchase beers and wines from neighborhood bars and restaurants yet they don’t offer spirits. That, of course, excludes Jack Daniel’s.

However, whiskey aficionados rejoice: under state law, you deserve to purchase a commemorative bottle (or barrel!) native the distillery’s own White Rabbit bottle Shop.

Furthermore, in a turn of rich irony, the distillery is the only location in the people where you deserve to drink a complimentary Jack Daniel’s. We told you, peculiar.

How to drink Jack Daniel’s

Although it’s great served through soda or in your favourite cocktail, the traditional means of offer Jack Daniel’s is neat.

Simply pour 35ml that Jack Daniel’s (at room temperature) right into a rocks glass and sip away.

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If you’d favor to channel your inner Sinatra, serve two fingers of her favourite Jack Daniel’s whiskey with 3 ice cubes and also a splash that water.