For many, the most daunting part of maintaining a scooter is finding the ideal spark plug. Ensuring that your auto has a clean and also effective spark plug can help to prevent any type of problems through emissions or engine performance. In this blog post, us will explore some the our peak picks for the finest 50cc scooter spark plugs and also 49CC, 150cc, gy6, and more at competitive everyone prices.

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None have the right to ignore the importance of a spark plug to your scooter ignition system. Through a unique voltage sending out method, the specific plug create a spark. The spark in your scooter’s burning chamber causes a great explosion the leads come engine power stroke. Well, I understand things entirely might seem a tiny confusing because that you.

No worries, together a experienced mechanic, ns will point out here the finest spark plug because that a 50cc, 49cc, 150cc, and also gy6 scooter and also all the related facts about spark plug if you winner a 50cc, 49cc, 150cc, and also gy6 scooter.

Our optimal Picks

What type of spark plug does a 50CC scooter take?

Well, it’s a definite point that every engine calls for one particular kind of spark plug. If you’re a 50CC scooter rider, girlfriend would require a spark plug that serves several attributes together. Through this specific spark plug, you’ll be acquiring easy cold starts, smooth rides, less fuel consumption, much longer life, and also of course, far better ignition efficiency. Everything brand friend choose, make certain you’re gaining all these functions with the product.

What is the dimension of a 50cc scooter spark plug?

Every scooter spark calls for a plug of different dimensions. You require to select the plug according to the specific size it’s required.

Apart from the quality, friend can’t go v the wrong plug dimension on her scooter engine. A 50cc scooter plug will call for a spark plug v 10mm diameter and 5 / 8″. The height measurement would it is in 0.9 x 3.2 x 0.8 inches. This details dimension deserve to vary slightly according to brands. On average, the size and also extent will differ according come the pointed out size.

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5 best spark plug because that 50cc, 49cc, 150cc, and gy6 scooter that 2021

I’m a professional mechanic and had so countless questions around the ideal 50cc scooter spark plugs. I had actually the possibility of making use of some popular and controversial spark plugs. Below I’ll point out the five ideal spark plugs for gy6 and also 49CC, 150cc, 50 scooters.

Let’s have actually a quick check on the list:

Best Overall: X-PRO NGK C7HSA Spark Plug

Key features

High-quality OEMTop-quality materialMetal body typePre gapped featureHorizontal engine ETVS