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I will certainly be travel in the near future on I-70 from Pennsylvania come Colorado, taking 3 days, and have versatility to leave on the weekend or weekday. Any opinions or comments on what days have actually heavier truck travel? ns was thinking that the weekends would seem lighter and also am do the efforts to protect against times with much more trucks. Thanks!
Welcome plank the RoadTrip America Forums!While most of the advice we give here on RoadTrip America is based on an individual experience and also observation, her question brought about me to perform a little of research, delving right into spreadsheets, charts, and other graphs compiled by a few representative state departments of transportation. I was surprised the they every pretty much agree top top the exact same answer and also it"s the answer that my gut (and my own observations) would have thought to it is in the case. The truth is that trucking is for all intents and also purposes a 24/7 operation. The rigs are simply too expensive to be enabled to sit idle, and there is no genuine downtime. There is a barely perceptible decrease on Sunday, yet that is the just day that the week with any type of real decrease, and also that is only by about 10% or so. Nothing you"d really an alert out on the road. There is a far-reaching drop between the hours of midnight and also 5:00 am, yet that"s probably not of lot use to you. So, yes include Sunday in your take trip days, however don"t really expect any type of really coherent decrease in truck traffic also then. Simply be thankful those guys are bringing girlfriend the vast majority of the products in your regional stores.AZBuck
My preference is the finish opposite. I avoid weekends, and the weekend chauffeurs some of who think they own the road. Indigenous my endure driving earlier and forth across the country, the most courteous and considerate drivers on the road, room the professionals. And also yes, on the whole - despite not constantly - you will uncover fewer van on the road over the weekends.Lifey
A bigger issue to me is what time of work you will be hitting the larger cities, such as STL and also KC. Weekday rush hours are a lot rougher 보다 weekends.If girlfriend are just taking 3 work - relying on where in PA and where in CO - you will very likely be driving in both the morning and also evening rush somewhere.
Hello GpsyLady,I concur through glc in that for your exact trip, I"d no worry around truck traffic and would instead try to stop St Louis and also Kansas City at one of two people morning or evening rush hour.My own observations echo AZBuck"s: i don"t notice much more or less truck web traffic on weekends vs weekdays. Urban/suburban web traffic is generally far worse ~ above weekdays than on weekends.Foy
Thank you all for replying. I"ve done this pilgrimage alone (daughter resides in CO) around 5 times and also have to be trying come compile my expedition experiences to make it one "exact science"...ha ha! ns agree with you all around avoiding rush hour (made that mistake once!). Other than picking a an excellent weather window, ns guess it"s time to start driving. Many thanks for the study AZBuck!Karen
One extr comment: ~ above weekends, you view less building and construction workers out and also about. Last year, we went from central NJ (I-80) to eastern CO (Burlington) and also took 3 days travel. An initial stop was approximately Springfield, OH, 2nd stop in Columbia, MO, and also then to Burlington. We went top top to san Diego -- following stop remained in Richfield UT, then home in san Diego. Every days were between 500 and 600 miles, about 10-11 hours. Donna
Thanks, Donna. Good point around construction on weekends. I"ve involved the conclusion that weekday and weekend travel have actually both pros and cons, and also I concur with Lifey about the non-professionals. I set my cruise control at 5 mph over and most cars happen me. However for some reason, they feeling the need to pass then sit ideal in former of me climate forget to offer it gas. I need to brake, climate pass, climate resume my cruise. After the happens 2 or 3 times v the exact same car, I end up increasing enough to gain away indigenous them. An extremely frustrating! ns am a licensed boat captain and am an extremely cognizant that safety and also defensive procedure of a vehicle or vessel. This website is an extremely helpful, thanks!
I collection my cruise control at 5 mph over and also most cars pass me. But for some reason, they feeling the need to pass then sit ideal in former of me then forget to provide it gas. I have to brake, climate pass, climate resume mine cruise. After that happens 2 or 3 times with the exact same car, I end up increasing enough to get away indigenous them. Really frustrating!And theres me reasoning that was distinctive to the UK ! LOL.
And yes me thinking that was distinctive to the UK ! LOL.I was thinking that that was distinct to us downunder. Try handling it by setup your cruise just below the stated limit. Amazing exactly how none of them desire to sluggish down.Lifey
Ha! listed below the limit?? rather on the roadway will operation you over!I"ve been told the if you continue to be at the very least 9 mph under the speed limit, you will certainly not be bothered because that a speeding ticket. I"ve had a pair of ticket under mine belt and was no happy once I had to pay $400 to the state that Georgia!! So, therefore, i adhere to the rules and refuse to component with my hard-earned cash again. Any type of insight top top speed limits on interstates indigenous the pros?
Others top top the roadway will run you over!Yeah!! so I store being told. In nearly 100000 mile so far, it has actually not happened.Lifey
My husband is a former commercial driver. Their trucks were mandated at a specific speed, and also I believe it was 65. (Another firm is mandated at 60 mph.) If you walk the speed limit or simply under it, you should NOT gain a ticket because that speeding. If you space obstructing traffic by going as well slow, girlfriend CAN acquire a ticket for that. Most states have actually mandated seat belt laws, therefore be sure you wear one. True story native a colleague: last week she was traveling under I-8 between Casa Grande, AZ and also San Diego, CA. She said she was speeding through the Gila Bend/Sentinel area in ~ 85 and no problems. However, once she crossed over to CA, she determined to walk 5 miles an ext than the speed limit (70). She ended up with a really expensive ticket because that going 75. Donna
I"ve talked around this before, however perhaps it bears repeating. What I have learned end the (too many) years that I"ve been driving is that the safest, the very least "noticeable" and most relaxing rate to drive under any type of circumstances is the "wave speed" of traffic. Very first a bit about what the is. The next time you"re driving under the Interstate, clock the web traffic on the various other side that the highway. You obtain to see a lot an ext of what"s really going on the way. What girlfriend will notice under most load problems is the the website traffic is travel in bunches. There will certainly be a repertoire of cars, then a relatively empty space, climate a repertoire of cars, etc. Think that the clumps that cars together the comb of a wave and the north spaces together the trough between waves. Individual much faster cars will come approximately the back of a clump, gradually work their method through and then rush through the trough to the next crest. An in similar way the clump will certainly come up to slower traffic, slowly work its method around it, and then leaving that auto to progressively be caught up to by the next wave. Individual auto speeds execute not matter. What problem is how quick those crests and troughs are relocating - that is the tide speed. Next start noting how often the waves happen you by (on the other side the the road). If you are in typical conditions, it will certainly be around every 25-30 seconds. What this way is that the waves room spaced about a mile apart. You space approaching each various other at something like a an unified 120-150 mph at typical real people Interstate speeds. Note likewise that the clumps are shorter than the north spaces unless web traffic is what would be explained as "heavy" or worse. Now, think about what that all means. Friend can"t walk much faster than wave speed on a consistent basis, You simply spend many of your time in the clumps going just slightly much faster than wave speed as you work-related your method through, and very little time in the troughs between clumps wherein you think you"re making "great time". And also for that perception of obtaining somewhere in a hurry, you are spending most of your time in close proximity to various other drivers, any one that whom may not notification you, cut you off, slow-moving you down, failure to relocate over, and also all the various other things that result in accidents. When you"re no in traffic, you"re speeding - going faster than the typical driver - and making you yourself a prime target for anyone with a quota to meet. So, what to execute instead? clear up down in the trough, in the gap between crests and simply go at the exact same speed as the wave. This is easy enough to carry out in cars with cruise control. You have the right to make a pretty good guess regarding the wave speed as you occupational your way through a stakes (in either direction). Once you carry out so and find yourself in a trough, set your cruise control to the speed. If a wave records up and also goes by you, wait till you"re earlier in a trough and also hit her "accelerate" button once. This commonly ups your cruise speed by 1 or 2 mph. Similarly, if you uncover yourself working v a crest, wait till you about half a mile in front of it and then diminish your rate by 1 or 2 mph. Repeat until you just occasionally discover yourself in a crest and enjoy steering in your own bubble of "light" traffic.AZBuck
......according to some traffic design studies, it"s speed differential i m sorry kills.While I"m totally in track with curtailing speed to conserve fuel, ns am additionally entirely intolerant of traveling on an federal government at such speeds which have actually traffic continually paris up behind me. I"ll always readjust to keep up with prevailing web traffic to one level or another. As noted herein, trucks nowadays room by and huge governed. Figuring the end what their average speed is, and setting your own cruise regulate slightly faster, and being willing to turn the darn thing off now and then in bespeak to finish an overtake (pass) without permitting traffic to heap up behind girlfriend is nothing less than the most elementary that courtesies. V a bit of focus on just how the civilization is working roughly you, it"s possible to continue most any kind of RoadTrip segment into a drive which pleases both the traveler and also the locals. Foy

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I set my cruise at specifically 3 to 4 mph end the limit, confirmed by GPS. 5 or an ext over CAN obtain you stopped, been there excellent that. Ns was stopped for 81 in a 75 in the center of nowhere on I-94 in Montana a couple of years ago.