As a shared insurance provider of both farm and also auto insurance (in enhancement to business and home insurance), we regularly get questions related to farm yard vehicles consisting of when and also why to register a auto with a farm plate.

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The as soon as is pretty right forward. If you are a farmer through at least $7,000 in yearly farm income, through a car that weighs more than 3,000 kg and is supplied for a farm-related activity then you have the right to register it together a farm yard vehicle. If you space buying a brand-new vehicle registration is frequently handled by the dealership, however if buying supplied you should register the automobile within 6 job at her local organization Ontario Centre.


As to WHY friend would desire to it is registered it as a farm yard vehicle? that is where much more of the concerns come from and here space the most typical answers:


The most obvious and also popular reason to it is registered a car with farm yard plates is that the annual plate fees is substantially less contrasted to the advertisement fee. For example, the existing fee to register a commercial plate because that a auto weighing between 3,000 – 3,500 kg is $265.25 compared to only $157 for a farm plate ($108.25 in savings).

Another potential area of savings is related to insurance rates. In ~ times farm yard commercial auto insurance rates offer bigger savings contrasted to farm pleasure vehicle insurance rates. However, it need to be clean that having actually farm plates walk not instantly qualify friend for farm insurance since they room two different systems and also sets of criteria.

If girlfriend have any questions please call us anytime and also we will certainly be happy come provide an ext information as it relates to your situation.


Vehicles weighing an ext than 11,000 kg (making them class D) that are registered through farm plates have the right to be activate by chauffeurs with only a G license.

This come in handy for any operators or farm yard employees to be able to operate the vehicle without a unique license. Learn around the difference in between a farm truck and an individual truck here.

Note: if the vehicle has air brakes, the driver the the automobile must have an wait brake endorsement on their patent (Z).


Whether this sounds choose a optimistic to friend or not on the surface, many farm operators will certainly tell girlfriend this is an extremely useful.

If a farm plated vehicle is hauling much less then 3,300 lbs and also travelling much less than 100 kilometres for farm-related purposes it becomes except for the documentation, placarding and driver maintain requirements.

Note: dangerous items that execute NOT qualify include explosives, flammable or toxic gases, radioactive material and infectious substances.

Please call us with any questions you might have about this or any kind of other topic pertained to your insurance.

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