Joining the theif Guild in Skyrim is a pretty straightforward process. Based in Riften, players have to take on numerous trials before coming to be a member.

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Skyrim functions a variety of unique factions because that the player to sign up with that are totally different 보다 guilds discovered in Oblivion, Morrowind, and also other Elder Scrolls games. One of the few returning factions is the thef Guild, i m sorry by the moment of Skyrim has fallen substantially from the good heights the its past.

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The thef Guild offers stealthy football player a faction suited to their particular talents, particularly players who prefer burglary over assassination. In Skyrim the thef Guild is based in Riften, a city currently crime-ridden, together the player takes part in a quest surrounding the guild's streak of negative luck resulting in its current state.

The theif Guild: Riften's secret Mafia


The theif Guild in various other Elder Scrolls titles was much more than a bit various than its depiction in Skyrim. In Morrowind, for example, the thieves Guild has actually no troubles with killing regardless of a heavy focus on stealing, and in Oblivion the thieves Guild to be a champion because that the rights and also livelihood the the royal City's many downtrodden.

In Skyrim the thieves Guild is not came to with petty theft choose in previous centuries, devoting its efforts primarily come intimidating and also extorting citizens. Component of this may be the guild's massive poor luck in recent big-name Heists, together extortion is an ext reliable than sneaking around. Nonetheless, the theif Guild is the ideal home because that a character that prefers to continue to be in the shadows.

how To sign up with The theif Guild In Skyrim


The thieves Guild in Skyrim is arguably one of the most basic factions because that the player come join. It's based in Riften, so perhaps the most complicated part of the procedure is obtaining to this far south-eastern city in the first place. It's no as out of the means as it can be, though, together a carriage have the right to be bought from any significant city to gain there without any sightseeing.

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No matter exactly how you decision to join the theif Guild, the initiation trials are incredibly easy to complete, also for a fledgling stealth player. Generally it's a an excellent idea come abuse the quicksave device to do pickpocketing and stealing a guaranteed success. The an initial quest because that entry into the thieves Guild is so forgiving, though, that it doesn't issue whether you eventually pass or fail.

Method One: monitor The main Quest till Esbern Is Found

The method that most players encounter the theif Guild because that the an initial time is by merely completing the main quest till Delphine is found. She will at some point guide the player to the Ratways in ~ Riften in the search "A Cornered Rat" ~ infiltrating the Thalmor Embassy. To get to Esbern players are forced to go with The Ragged Flagon, i beg your pardon can dual as an development to Brynjolf and the remainder of the thef Guild.

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Method Two: Go right To Brynjolf in Riften

If you desire to join the Thieve's Guild sooner (or are preventing the key questline) Brynjolf will still market you a place as long as friend can obtain to Riften. The quickest way on a fresh save is to head to Whiterun and also hire a carriage come Riften. Then, head come the Market and look because that Brynjolf – sometimes he is waiting within the Bee and Barb pub. Talk to him to start your trip into ending up being a member that the thef Guild.

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