Yes, this is a myth!! There are plenty of root beer brand that space gluten-free.

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Every time I check out someone speak they avoid all root beer since it includes gluten ns cringe a little.I took the liberty ofresearching various brands of source beerto discover out whether or no they save on computer gluten. I searched every website for information on even if it is the source beers to be gluten-free and also if no information might be found, ns emailed come ask the company.Here room the outcomes of my study in alphabetical order.

Turns out, the lady who responded come my email at A&W has a boy who was simply diagnosed through Celiac an illness and resides in Ontario! and also yes, A&W root Beer is gluten-free.Hi, Jax. I"m so glad you wrote to ask this question, an ext for my sake 보다 yours. My boy learned that he"s acquired celiac an illness just this summer and also is in Kingston. <...> and to answer your question, correct our source beer is gluten-free. Please enjoy it to her heart"s content. Many thanks so much for writing!

The answer to this question can be discovered on theCoca-Cola website.Barq"s is made by Coca-Cola and is clearly on their gluten-free perform of assets for both the US and Canada.We space able to confirm that, in theU.S., the following products are gluten free:Barq"s root beercaffeine totally free Barq"s source beerdiet Barq"s root beerWe space able to confirm that, inCanada, the following assets are gluten free:Barq"s root Beercaffeine free Barq"s root BeerBarq"s Diet source Beer

After a couple emails and eventually posting ~ above their facebook page, Blue Sky ultimately responded around the product"s gluten-free status.Yes our source Beer commodities are gluten-free! Enjoy!

Hmm... What"s with providers who don"t answers to customer inquiries? i left a post by phone... Still waiting for a response.

Hello Jax,Thank you because that your interest in Jones Soda Co.!Yes, our sodas space gluten free. Please enjoy!Thank girlfriend for supporting Jones Soda Co.!
I received an excellent response indigenous Santa Cruz, indicating the their source beet is in fact gluten-free!Dear Jax,Thank girlfriend for your inquiry about the existence of gluten in one of our Santa Cruz Organic® products. Because that over 110 years, offering our customers and consumers through the highest possible quality products has to be of paramount prominence to The J.M. Smucker Company. Top quality products start with high quality ingredients and we employ considerable procurement actions to for sure our commodities contain just the ideal ingredients from trustworthy suppliers.The product for which you have requested information, Santa Cruz Organic® source Beer Sparkling Beverage, is proved "gluten-free".It is crucial to keep in mind that the U.S. Food and also Drug management (FDA) has not yet identified the hatchet “gluten-free” or developed rules because that making a “gluten-free” claim on a food product. However, “gluten-free” insurance claims are permitted and each manufacturer is responsible for determining even if it is or no its commodities are “gluten-free”.The J.M. Smucker firm has developed the following stringent criteria based upon the FDA’s propose rules because that making “gluten-free” claims.Ingredient Screening - The ingredient can not contain gluten resources such as wheat, rye, barley or their derivatives or hybrids. We additionally review for the existence of oats.Testing - While over there is currently not a commercially obtainable test to detect the existence of oats, the product must be tested to verify that it includes less than 20 components per million of gluten.Manufacturing steps - In addition, facilities that manufacture showed “gluten-free” assets must have actually a substantial gluten monitoring program. All tools used in the manufacture of commodities containing any gluten or oat source must be thoroughly cleaned former to producing a product the is “gluten-free”. These steps must be validated and also inspected after each clean-up.We would choose to give thanks to you for your inquiry regarding this product. If you have any kind of further questions, please feel complimentary to contact us in ~ 888-569-6994.

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Dear Ms. X:Thank you because that contacting us about the presence of gluten in ours products. Consumer inquiries such together this space appreciated due to the fact that they provide beneficial feedback about our brands.DPSG commodities are complimentary of gluten containing materials, with the exemption of Mr. & Mrs. T"s Bloody mary Mix, Mr. & Mrs. T"s Premium Blend, and also Clamato Red-Eye.