The load of a golf cart deserve to play an important role in her decision do in deciding on your cart of the future.

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Often time we discover ourselves loading trailers with tools or various other things in nature whereby it’s crucial that we understand the load of the devices we room handling.

When loading or moving heavy tools such together golf carts, it’s essential to know what type of weight the you will certainly be handling or handling in her venture.

This is important since every golf cart will certainly be distinct in state of exactly how much the weighs.

On typical a golf dare weights between 500-1100 pounds relying on the make, model, and added modifications. This averages are based upon the most popular golf carts such together EZGo, club Car, and also Yamaha.

Let’s take it a look at the most famous golf cart weight examples, factors that affect cart weight, other weight restrictions when using your golf cart.

Golf dare Weight Examples

The examples listed below room with the dry load of the a golf cart. This way the carts carry out not include modifications or the batteries that come indigenous the manufacturer directly.

In most cases, electrical golf carts will weigh less that gas golf carts. But, electrical cars can significantly increase in weight if they space using overlapping or enlarge batteries.

Yamaha The journey Electric: 535 PoundsYamaha The drive Gas: 536 PoundsYamaha G22 Electric: 549 PoundsYamaha G22 Gas: 670 PoundsYamaha G19 Electric: 560 PoundsYamaha G19 Gas: N/AYamaha G16 Electric: 560 PoundsYamaha G16 Gas: 653 PoundsYamaha G14 Electric: 560 PoundsYamaha G14 Gas: 661 PoundsYamaha G9 Electric: 519 PoundsYamaha G9 Gas: 606 PoundsYamaha G8 Electric: 556 PoundsYamaha G8 Gas: 672 PoundsYamaha G5 sunlight Classic: 798 PoundsYamaha G2 Electric: N/AYamaha G2 Gas: 606 PoundsYamaha G1 Gas: 684 Pounds

Club Car criterion Electric: 495 PoundsClub Car criterion Gas: 606 PoundsClub car DS IQ-System Electric: 498 PoundsClub automobile DS Gas: 619 Pounds

EZGO RXV Electric: 571 PoundsEZGO RXV Gas: 697 PoundsEZGO Medalist/TXT Electric: 550 PoundsEZGO Medalist/TXT Gas: 750 PoundsEZGO Marathon Electric: N/AEZGO Marathon Gas: N/A

Other useful Examples:

Dry weight Versus Curb Weight

Typically once you examine your golf cart manual or contact the manufacturer, girlfriend will view what it referred to as a “dry weight” and also a “curb weight” for golf carts. This deserve to be confusing as soon as you are trying to calculate your complete weight.

Here is a an easy explanation of what this terms mean:

Dry Weight – This the load of the golf cart in the barebones value. In other words, that is the load of the golf cart without a battery and without any added accessories.

Curb Weight – This weight refers to the complete weight that the golf cart together purchased with the battery load included. Typically, you uncover the battery to it is in the significant difference in between the dry weight and also the curb weight.

Factors That influence Golf dare Weight




Most golf carts use 6, 8, and 12 Volt Batteries.

These batteries frequently weigh in between 55 and also 80 pounds. Be certain to take into consideration this when adding in your complete golf cart weight.

6 Volt, 8 Volt, or 12 Volt battery are supplied to power most golf carts. These species of batteries weigh between 55 pounds (24 kg) to 80 pounds (36 kg).

Battery load ExamplesTrojan T-605 | 6 Volts | 58 lbsTrojan T-105 | 6 Volts | 62 lbsTrojan L16G-AC | 6 Volts | 104 lbsInterstate U2200 | 6 Volts | 63 lbsInterstate U2500 | 6 Volts | 72 lbsInterstate AGC2N | 6 Volts | 66 lbs

Duracell GC8 | 8 Volts | 63 lbsTrojan DC-8V | 8 Volts | 61 lbsTrojan T-875 | 8 Volts | 63 lbsTrojan T-890 | 8 Volts | 69 lbsTrojan Ranger 160 | 8 Volts | 76 lbsTrojan Traveler 8V 8 Volts | 70 lbs


Different Brands will certainly use different kinds that products and materials in their carts.

This way that while part carts may have almost identical dimensions, your weights could be much different dependent ~ above the materials and products supplied in their production.

Material load such as PVC, steel, and also framework will certainly all vary throughout various models and also manufacturers.


Upgraded Motors and bigger tires are simply a few modifications the could considerably increase the load of a golf cart. Depending upon the upgrade, some motors could include as lot as 50 pounds to the cart.

There are likewise many different upgrades and alternatives for tires as well. Because that example, some golf dare tires that are 23″ might increase the weight of a golf dare by as much as 14 pounds every tire.

Rear Seating Kits

Depending ~ above the make and also model, rear seating kit can include as lot as 50-150 pounds to a golf cart. Intend this load to be on the greater end for rear seating that has actually a fill capacity of up to 400 pounds.

Other optional accessories and typical weights:

Trailer hitches – 12-15 pounds

Roof warehouse Racks – 10-50 pounds

Added Seating

Golf carts that have actually 4-6 seats will certainly mean an ext seat weight, much more framework, and also typically a larger motor. Golf Carts that have 4-6 seating capacity will generally be top top the higher end of the weight range on your typical golf cart weight between 1000-1200 pounds.

Build Up/Mud/Rocks/Trash

Over time, golf carts can accumulate buildup and also debris under the carriage. If gone unnoticed for a significant period of time, it might be fairly a buildup. It’s a great idea to regularly check underneath the cart to be certain you avoid any unnecessary weight and stress on the golf dare itself. This can additionally have a far-reaching effect on all at once performance on your cart as well.

How much Weight have the right to A Golf dare Hold?

This will likewise vary from the manufacturer and brand.

Typically, most have a transporting capacity of all over from 600-800 pounds.

A big 4-6 chair golf cart might go approximately 1100 pounds in stop capacity.

If you have actually a larger golf cart with more seating capacity, this might go a tiny higher.

However, bigger capacity golf carts room not like standard vehicles.

They come equipped through low torque for safety reasons.

Always be certain to inspect with your manufacturer for the encourage weight capacity for your make and also model cart.

How To aspect Weight once Towing A Golf Cart

After you have actually figured just how much her golf cart weighs, it’s encourage to include at least 1000 pounds to it.

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Use this figure to identify if your automobile is capable of towing the complete weight. It is always better to usage a greater number to ensure safety and also extend the life of your towing vehicle.