Toddlers at this age are energetic and also are always on the move. In stimulate to safeguard their feet, parents must include shoes in their wardrobe. However, it deserve to be challenging to acquire the size just right. Not just are children at this age constantly growing, yet toddler shoes sizes space not ~ above the very same scale together adult shoes. Thus, the is vital for parents to know just how to get the ideal shoe size for your kids.

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The average shoe dimension for a 2-year-old is between US sizes 6-8. To make certain of the size, a parental can straight measure the size of the foot v a ice measure. They can additionally draw the outline of a toddler’s foot top top a piece of paper to measure.

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This article will comment on the mean shoe sizes to suppose for a 2-year-old toddler, methods for that s right measuring your feet, and some determinants to consider to make certain parents gain the ideal shoe fit for your kids.

The median Shoe Sizes


Of course, kids grow at various rates. However, there are typical sizes to intend from a 2-year-old. The probable range for typical shoe sizes for that period tends to be in between US 6-8.

If you room buying shoes that use different sizing systems, below are common conversions. Us 6-8 should transform to UK 5-7, EU 22-24, CA 6-8, MX 13-15, JP 14-16, and also AU 5.5-7.5. In regards to length, us 6-8 is indistinguishable to 5.125-5.75 inches or 13-14.6 centimeters.

How to measure up Shoe Size

Even despite the average shoe size would more than likely fit her child’s feet well, there yes, really is no harm in making sure they fit perfectly. Thus, there room some tried and also proven methods to accurately measure children’s feet.

Tape measure Method

The ice cream measure method is among the most direct ways to measure her child’s feet. It essentially involves having to placed a tape measure versus the sole of her child’s foot to measure the length. If the son is being specifically excited and also fidgety, you could want who to help hold castle still.

Other parents method the tape measure up differently. They would have actually their boy stand versus the wall surface with the tape measure up laid out touching the wall. This technique variation is claimed to work effectively as that helps take the back of the heel into consideration.

Paper Method

Another classic method for measure shoe dimension is by using the paper method. This an approach requires having the parent put the child’s foot against a piece of empty paper. Through a pencil, the parent then color etc the synopsis of the foot using the children foot together a guide. Once an synopsis is made, the drawing can then be measured with a leader or tape measure.

Due to the width of the pencil, the outlines room not usually specifically the dimension of the foot. The extra length provided by the drawing then enables parents to obtain a comfortable measure up for your child’s shoes size.



After the parent has measured the length of your child’s feet, there are some components they have to consider before pulling the create on a pair that shoes.

Wiggle Room

One of the most vital things to take into consideration when buying pair of shoes is to accommodate for a tiny wiggle room. Just due to the fact that the child’s foot measured 5 inches walk not typical you should go out and get shoes the are specifically 5 inch in length. Offering it a small wiggle room deserve to do wonders. Not just does providing an extra bit of length an ext comfortable because that the child, however it also enables the boy to prosper in castle a small – to reduce the number of times you need to go out and also get bigger shoes together they grow.


Will your 2-year-old be wearing socks underneath the shoes? If so, you need to take that right into consideration. If you arrangement on making lock wear socks every time they wear shoes, then it would be better to in reality measure your feet length with them in reality wearing socks. This will aid give girlfriend a number that already accommodates the thickness of their socks.


The last thing you desire to carry out is in reality measure their feet in the morning. You have actually to consider that after a few hours of standing and walking, the feet in reality swell up a little. If girlfriend measure your feet in the morning, you can get a number that would certainly feel a small tight after ~ standing in them for a few hours. Come make sure they room comfortable in those shoes, measure your feet in the afternoon – or at the very least after a few hours of them standing and also walking around.

Measure Both Feet


It is encourage to in reality measure both feet instead of one. You could be surprised to discover out that one of their feet is a small longer than the other. Fortunately, the dimension difference in between feet is not that huge – at least not huge enough to have actually different-sized shoes. However, measure both feet would certainly then allow you to pick the size that would certainly accommodate the larger foot.

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Make castle Wear It

Lastly, one of the ideal things parents can do when picking shoes is to simply make their toddler stay them. Understandably, 2-year-olds would not be able to communicate effectively. However, part toddlers can be expressive enough to allow you recognize when they are not comfortable. When you’ve permit them wear it, space they excited come run about in them? perform they seem uncomfortable? Mileage may vary among parents, however this works for some.