The NBA, do no mistake around it, is a high player’s league and is traditionally overcame by males of giant size and height. If you’re 7-feet, there is a 17% opportunity that you’d it is in in the NBA. That’s around 243 times greater than who at the 6-foot-6 to 6-foot-8 range, near the all at once average elevation in the NBA!

Of course, us all know elevation is not everything. In recent years, security such together Steph Curry and Steve Nash prior to him have run amok. Between them, 4 MVPs were awarded add to 13 All-NBA team selections. So, while elevation is one of the things that space not teachable, skill and also basketball IQ are still needed to be great at basketball.

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Another thing that we have to consider is that some positions in basketball room favored by height. Curry and Nash are allude guards, so height in that place is not as critical. That’s why it’s important to check out what is the average height in the NBA dispersed by position.

What is the overall NBA mean height?

Even despite the NBA is evolving right into a guards’ league, players 6-foot-9 and also taller prefer Joel Embiid and also Kevin Durant still contribute the many win shares. Chris Szagola/Associated Press

Basketball positions are not produced equal; elevation is crucial in some, while various other positions largely require skill.

Point guards are generally the shortest players, and also that has actually been the case due to the fact that the 1950s. The average height of NBA allude guards in recent years is 6’3″. The median NBA elevation for shoot guards is 6’5″, tiny forwards in ~ 6’7″, strength forwards in ~ 6’9″, and centers at 6’11”.

now here’s miscellaneous interesting: follow to Basketball-Reference, the average elevation in the NBA– which is roughly 6-foot-7– has not adjusted for the past three decades. That’s quite remarkable because the game 30 years ago is nearly unrecognizable to just how it is played today.

As a basketball fan, friend may have noticed the we room trending towards positionless basketball. The doesn’t mean, however, that being tall is not an advantage anymore. In fact, the is fairly the opposite.

To show this point, Dimitrije Curcic that RunRepeat listed that even though football player 6-foot-9 and taller are declining in number, they contribute the many Win share in the league, and have widened the space in the past few seasons.

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What does the say come us? that statistic is telling us around the fact that a expert bigger man trumps the skilled tiny man nearly every solitary time. That’s a typical boxing analogy that applies to basketball together well. For this reason while the average elevation for nba player in the NBA has not readjusted much end the previous 25-30 years, you’d still want to be equipped with inches as soon as it comes to hardwood warfare.