The 800m operation test deserve to be considered an anaerobic capacity test the is a little bit long, or an aerobic fitness test that is a little bit short. Together an aerobic test, it may be perfect for children. See likewise the 1km run test, which has a variation over 800m for teenage girls.

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equipment required: oval or 400m running track, stopwatch, recording sheets.

pre-test: Explain the test procedures to the subject. Perform screening of health and wellness risks and also obtain informed consent. Prepare forms and also record basic information such together age, height, human body weight, gender, test conditions. Measure and also mark out the course. Ensure the the subjects space adequately warmed-up. See more details of pre-test procedures.

procedure: The aim of this check is to finish the 800 meter food in the quickest possible time. Come start, every participants heat up behind the starting line. On the command ‘go,’ the clock will start, and also they will start running at their very own pace. Cheering or calling the end the elapsed time is likewise permitted come encourage the attendees to accomplish their finest time.

800 meter run Test arund the track

scoring: The complete time required to run 800m is recorded. Usage the table below to gain a rating from the check time because that adults.

RatingTime (minutes/seconds)
poormore than 3"45"
below average3"31" - 3"45"
average3"16" - 3"30"
above average3"01" - 3"15"
good2"46" - 3"
excellent2"45" or less

reliability: the integrity of this check would rely on practiceand pacing techniques and motivation level. There should begood reliability if these concerns are addressed.

advantages: large teams can be tested at once, andit is a very cheap and straightforward test come perform.

disadvantages: Practice and pacing are forced to maximize the topic performance, andalso the check results can be influenced greatly through motivation.

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Back in the 1980s in India, when we were in School and College, anything listed below 2.10 because that 800 metres was thought about quite good, though may not be enough to go into the nationals. (narayanan iyer, July 2021) Is the score concerned age??? Arik balin (2014) -The table has results for young adults. Ratings for children and older adults need to be readjusted accordingly. Rob Admin (2014)George Solodun arik balin (2018)I"m sixteen, in 10th grade, and I can conveniently run it in 2:10.Moz George Solodun (2020)I"m 14 and last year i did it in 1:38John arbitrarily Moz (2020) so you"re a civilization record holder than. Yes rightKIᖇIᒪ ᔕEᔕTᗩKOᐯᔕ Moz (2020)Thats a lie because the quickest time ever before recorded to be 1:40 by David Rudisha and he to be 26 year old and also a professional athlete when he walk it. So not think her cool due to the fact that your a 14 year old liar :)Peter918 George Solodun (2019)If girlfriend can easily run 2:10 what"s your PR PJ (2020)lol this take it me 10 minute i"m in reality so slow ;w;Sean (2020)What I uncover strange is that theres alot of world lieing around there best time and im being honest here my best time is 1:59 and also im 14 if girlfriend dont think your well to have actually your very own opinionPayton Wasson Sean (2020)Can girlfriend please avoid lying stupid that doesn"t gain you any ware with lying and if you did have actually that time people would the herd that youAlejandro Torres Payton Wasson (2020)Don"t be also sure around that. There are tons of high schoolers yearly running 1:50-1:55, with the fastest running 1:48-49. Numerous kids, also freshman (which he would more than likely be if he"s actually 14 year old) run sub 2 or also 1:55ish without ever before being noticed. Not to to speak this Sean dude isn"t lying, however it"s 100% possible that he"s not.4re (2020)my finest is 2:47, and I was 10, is that good for play football (soccer and also doing athletics double a week? (btw I come second)Kodie Myers (2020)So covid yes, really messed up mine season my very first 800 for the season to be a 2:04 and also I was planning on going sub 2 because at exercise I was running 1:35 600 repeats 10 times and it was my senior year therefore FML ima simply enlist my scholarship were gone and all out of state JuGOSo benipal (2020)Hey, 16 year oldand operation 800m under 2.12I"m plan to walk for athletics together career. Yet can u call me are all these efforts, room worth in regards to money? favor what you obtain if u be a IndiaJared (2020)The fastest i ran was a 2:20 is that goodR.J (2020)I to be a 10th class girl who ran a 2:38 just recently. Is that good?Amirletahir R.J (2020)Yes the is very well, you will certainly drop this time considerably over the two years, together a boy ns ran a 2:35 critical year and as a junior 2:03 now 10-11 simply make certain to get in her weekend mileage and core at home. Also, make sure to join cross-country if you need anymore aid with the 8 contact me ~ above instagram at AmirletahirAndrew Wallace (2019)I"m 15, in 10th grade and also have obtained as low as a 1:52.38, and do not think this to be accurateElijah Calhoun Andrew Wallace (2020)I odor it"d it is in on the top rankings for highschool 800m. At 1:52 you"d basically be the faster 800 jogger in the rankings throughout all grade levels. However quite frankly, ns can"t find a solitary thing about you. I beg your pardon is very odd in the track human being for somebody who has actually ran a 1:52Alejandro Torres Elijah Calhoun (2020)Not true. 1:52 is pretty quick in most states yet pales in comparison come the best in the nation who operation 1:48-1:50. Lots of youngsters no one has heard of run low 1:52-ish however are overshadowed by faster kids. He wouldn"t it is in ranked nationally because that 10th graders, let alone "all class levels." not to speak he isn"t lying, reason he an extremely well could be, but you can"t deny the it"s realistic for him come actually operation 1:52 as a 10th graderTyler. (2019)Sir i am 13 and I ran myn is 2:32 is the good?Andrew Mckerell (2019) ns did the in 1:48 once I to be 14,,,, That"s 37 years ago.Then I began smoking. I can run for a bus for about 2 stops before I have to give up. Maybe if the ~~~~~~#;s looked in your mirrors eh?Jeff RM Andrew Mckerell (2019) perform you have proof of this? 1:48 for a 14-year-old is a world-class level, in fact, it"s almost NON EXISTANT. Please carry out me with actual evidence of this and don"t traction someone else that ran a 1:48 and claim it"s you. Lots of world here insurance claim these times however they don"t have actually shreds of evidenceAndrew Mckerell Jeff RM (2019)Let"s not forget that i am in reality 51 now. I don"t should make outrageous comments. Yet I perform regret that ns never continued with mine athletics. I ran v Charlton Harriers because that a year but unfortunately mine emotions obtained the far better of me and also I to be sectioned. Oh I additionally got the school record for the triple jump at 11.34 metres :) Announced end the tanoy on sports day.Andrew Mckerell Jeff RM (2019)Unfortunately i don"t have proof the it. Possibly it is on mine old schools records as ns ran this as part of the Victor Ludorum in which i came only 3rd. Ns do have a witness but he"s my brother so that most likely doesn"t count. Also a guy referred to as Roger Askew that was also an excellent 800 and 1500 meter runner. He would certainly smash me at 1500.FaZe Censor Andrew Mckerell (2019)bro... 1:48 is 8 secs away from the human being record of every time, im positive you either obtained wrong info or the u ran 600mDustin Harris FaZe Censor (2020)1:48 in the 800 yard, not the 800meter. Most U.S.A. High institutions didn"t run meters until the 90sAlejandro Torres Dustin Harris (2020)1:48 because that 800yd would certainly actually do sense due to the fact that that converts to around 1:58 because that 800m. While this is very fast because that a 14 year old in the 80s, it"s no unrealistic together the finest freshmen nowadays deserve to run low-mid 1:50sJairo Hernandez (2019)I"m 176 lbs and also in the 6th grade and also can operation it in 2:40Kain Howl (2019)I"m 15 and I operation a 2:03 800. Does the make me mega excellent?Andrew Mckerell Kain Howl (2019)Yes that"s rather brilliant. Maybe you should uncover a trainer to help you.Or join a strong club? Speak to your peers ie. Teachers etcGMoney (2018)I ran that in 1:15 mine cooch wus weally mad a t me soo me ran as fast as me cold.Pete Neumann GMoney (2019)2:15 is what you meant? 1:15 would certainly be around 25 seconds faster than the WR.Oceanman josh (2018)i am in 7th gr8d and also can operation a 800 in 2:26 and i to be 14Junior blg (2017)I ran the 800m in1:58 and i am in 10th gradeStorm b small blg (2018)I ran the 800 meter in 1:34 and also I"m sixth grade and also 11 year old. The is a true statement because I play all five sports easily accessible at mine school and I ran approximately the monitor everyday.Cody Aery storm b (2018)Youre thinking of a 400m. 800m is 2 laps approximately the track.Bob storm b(2018) friend can"t it is in right. The WR is 1:40.91Tim small blg(2018) No way... That would be almost World recordStormey (2016)my finest on the 800 meter was at my ar track meet I was in 7th grade and also 12 year old and also 5""0 im only going right into 8th and also im currently 13 so ns am above average ns am an excellent and my ideal was a 3 flatAaron (2016)2:45 is negative for 800m however I obtain that this is intended for average non-runnersAJ Aaron (2018)I ran 2:45 at age 10 female tooJalen Shelton (2016)I just ran 2:04 is this chart accurateJoseph Hart (JosephDoesGames) (2015)I am 13 and also I ran 800m in 2:14 on a proper running track and on grass i ran it in 2:28. Is that normal?