With all the talk about Football’s 40 yard dash, Basketball’s 75 feet 3/4 court sprint, and Baseball’s 60 yard dash, let’s take a look at at some obscure civilization record or world ideal SHORT gyeongju distances.

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Swimming has their variation of the 50 meter “splash and dash”.

Here are the world records or world ideal for the shortest known ranges less 보다 100 meters.

50 yards — Stanley Floyd, united States, 5.22, Jan. 22, 1982.50 meters — Donovan Bailey, Canada, 5.56, Feb. 9, 199660 yards — Lee McRae, joined States, 6.00, in march 14, 1986.60 meter — Maurice Greene, joined States, 6.39, Feb. 3, 1998.

One of mine earliest memory of the 50 garden dash was Kirk Clayton’s 5.0 (5.24 FAT) in 1970. Clayton was one of Bud Winter’s rate City prodigies. That note was eclipsed by Stanley Floyd’s 5.22. 50 yards = 45.72 meters. Currently that is short!

On an additional note, Donovan Bailey was not listed to it is in a good starter, yet he holds the WR for 50m! Rumour has it he to be accused that a flying start that was not called back.

What would certainly Usain Bolt run for 50 meters and also 50 Yards?

Take a look at 10 meter break-up times:


It is apparent today’s sprinters room faster and stronger with better spikes and also harder tracks.

If Usain Bolt is ever going to organize 11 human being record simultaneously, he’ll need to run obscure gyeongju distances, such together the 50 meter and 60 meter indoors. Based on his splits indigenous Beijing 2008 and also Berlin 2009, he would definitely be under the noted world records must he operation indoors. The only requirement would be extra huge and extra tall crash mats.

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In fast, he might run a 60m and collection up 4 elevation timing systems to obtain 4 WR every at once. Now that’s a promoter’s dream.

Based on previous splits, BOLT would certainly demolish all 4 WR in a solitary race: the 50 yards, 50 meters, 60 yards, 60 meters v times that 5.11, 5.47, 5.87 and also 6.29 respectively.

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