Is there a details pressure that is needed to cook water at room temperature? If there is, what is it? Why go water cook at a low push at all?



Since boiling, through definition, occurs once a liquid"s vapor press reaches ambient pressure, your concern is the same to questioning what the vapor push of water is in ~ room temperature. Here"s an instance of an digital table:


At 23°C, for example, water would boil at a press of around 21.1 torr, or about a fortieth of atmospheric pressure.

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What reasons water to boil is not only the approximately temperature however rather the pressure acting ~ above the water surface. Example, at sea level whereby atm. Press is 14.7 psi, water will start to cook at 212 degrees F. However. In ~ a higher elevation, to speak in Denver, Co. That is 5,250 feet above sea level, the pressure acting on the water surface ar is lower and thus, water will boil in ~ a lower temperature.


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