Are Jackson Rathbone and also Ashley Greene a couple?

They to be married on July 6, 2018 at san Jose, California. Greene is a good friend of her Twilight co-stars, particularly Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone, who she knew prior to filming of the collection began.

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Did anyone native Twilight date in actual life?

Nikki Reed that played Rosalie in “Twilight” discovered her lovely vampire in real life after ~ she began dating Ian Somerhalder, who portrayed the charming vampire, Damon, in “Vampire Diaries.” they announced their engagement within simply six months and got married a couple of months later.

Who is Ashley Greene married to?

Paul Khourym. 2018Ashley Greene/SpouseHappy wife, happy life. Ashley Greene and also husband Paul Khoury room enjoying married life, especially because Khoury, 26, to know to it is in patient with his wife.

Who is Jackson Rathbone wife?

Sheila Hafsadim. 2013Jackson Rathbone/WifeJackson Rathbone is a married man. The former Twilight actor, 28, wed Sheila Hafsadi ~ above Sunday in Los Angeles, his rep confirms come PEOPLE. “It was a tiny wedding,” a resource says.

Did Jackson Rathbone have actually a like on Ashley?

“I have actually a like on Jackson Rathbone!” exclaims Ashley Greene when expressing she adoration because that the depicter of Jasper Hale on “Twilight Saga”. “I’m glad i don’t have actually a boyfriend.

Who is Jackson Rathbone dating?

Sheila HafsadiRathbone married his Iraqi-American girlfriend, Sheila Hafsadi, ~ above September 29, 2013. Lock reside in Austin, Texas, and have 3 children: child Monroe Jackson Rathbone vi (born July 5, 2012), daughter Presley Bowie Rathbone (born may 31, 2016), and son Felix Valleau Rathbone (born December 31, 2019).

Who is Ashley Greene dating?

Ashley Greene and Paul Khoury are officially married! The Twilight actress, 31, and her fiancé, that is a partner in Lokai, tied the node on Friday in san Jose, California.

Who is Ashley Greene dating 2020?

Ashley Greene is engaged! The Twilight star’s boyfriend, Paul Khoury, popped the question during the couple’s trip to new Zealand on Dec. 19, the actress revealed top top Thursday, together an adorable Instagram video clip of the proposal.

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Is Jackson Rathbone colorblind?

He is colorblind. Top top 6 February 2012, it to be announced the he to be expecting his very first child through girlfriend, previous burlesque dancer, Sheila Hafsadi. The two met in Florida in the summer of 2011. Had actually his tongue pierced from the time he was age 18 until he was period 20.

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