This coming week marks 18 years due to the fact that the Houston area was introduced to the 832 area code. Yes, we recognize it"s an anniversary we all memory annually.

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The Houston area was presented to the 832 area code about 19 years ago.

On October 19, 1999, the brand-new 832 area code got in effect, authorized 713 and 281 as regional area codes. 281 chin was simply instituted in 1996, becoming the area password for suburbanites.

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(Take a moment to marvel at the reality that 1999 to be 19 years ago.)

A new need for fresh phone call numbers many thanks to pagers, cellphones and fax devices turned Houston’s civilization upside down.

We were reminded that Houston’s area code history this week once a 2013 piece about the International room Station’s area code resurfaced ~ above Reddit.

Soon enough, social lines were drawn. Houstonians say the they can define a human being by the area password in your phone number, a la “Seinfeld.” In Jerry"s brand-new York City The 212 area password ran out of numbers, and also 646 was made use of leading to typical Seinfeldian instances of gift dread.

Yes, area code superiority is a point in part circles.

It was simply in the summer the 2014 the yet one more area code, 346, was also instituted. We’ve however to dial a 346 number ourselves. Once we do we’ll let you know exactly how it felt.

713 was created in 1947, as the populace began to eight and an ext people and businesses came to be phone owners. 409 came in the early ‘80s.

346 is one ugly number. 281 is dumpy, to some. 713 is sleek, choose a sporting activities car. Perhaps it’s the 7.

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A 409 or 979 area code way that the person is probably adept in ~ a number of farming tools and also maybe elevated an animal in high school.

The 832 area password is vanilla, and not Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla. It"s store-brand, freezer-burned vanilla ice cream cream. Wherein the heck perform you come from? did you flourish up taking care of harsh Midwest winters or did you grow up sweat on Christmas Day like us aboriginal Houstonians?

Some snobby, lifelong Houstonians witnessed 281 as a dumpy scarlet letter which meant you lived external the inside Loop and beyond. The splitting line was the overview of Beltway 8, give or take.

Now v an influx of Newstonians, the locals have to learn about the exotic area codes from almost everywhere the nation like 205, 312, 612, and also the wily 214.

These days several of us have the right to barely mental our far-reaching other’s phone call number, no to mention our own, thanks to smartphone programming.

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Seriously, shot to remember a near friend’s phone call number through heart. It’s not so easy anymore.

Sadly Houston rapper Mike Jones’ 281-330-8004 is no much longer a functioning number, however can us still hit increase Paul wall at the 8-3-2?