Celebrity couples room fascinating. They"re frequently either complete of drama or madly in love — there"s no in-between. Indigenous Cardi B and also Offset to Chrissy Teigen and also John Legend, they typically turn your love into trending topics. Climate there space celebrity pairings who you might think are romantically involved, yet aren"t actually. Among them room Wheel that Fortune hosts, beat Sajak and Vanna White.

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The duo has hosted the game show because 1981 (via History) and also been v ups and downs on the show. White had actually to to fill in for Sajak because that the very first time ever before when he had actually to have actually emergency surgery for a clogged intestine in December 2019. In ~ the time, White said she to be "excited" and "nervous" about the experience, per CNN.

Sajak and White"s 40-year partnership has lasted much longer than countless celebrity marriages, and with them having spent so much time with each other throughout the years, many have wonder why they"ve never ever dated.

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With play Sajak and also Vanna White own undeniable chemistry ~ above screen, it would be simple for viewers come mistake them for a couple. The fact is, both have actually been married twice, but never to every other. The reason? They view each various other as friends and family, not lovers.

"People see the chemistry between Pat and me," White said Closer Weekly in 2019. "We are like brother and sister, and also I think that is what renders it work." Sajak included that your friendship is choose "lightning in a bottle," and also they"re for this reason friendly that White stated they"ve "never had one argument."

Their unwavering commitment come each various other is what has actually made Wheel of Fortune so famous — so lot so that Sajak claimed that he will only work-related with White till the display ends. "My goal is to leave prior to people rotate on the TV and go, "What the hell occurred to him?"" Sajak joked on phase at Paley center for Media in 2017 via Entertainment Weekly. "I can"t imagine being there with someone else."

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Besides treating each other like family, pat Sajak and Vanna White are also in relationship with various other people.

According to People, Sajak was first married to Sherill Sajak in 1979, however they divorce after 7 years. If "fresh divorce," he met aspiring actress Lesly Brown at a sporting activities bar in 1998, according to Closer Weekly. The two obtained married in 1989 and went ~ above to have two kids together — boy Patrick Leonard Michael James Sajdak Jr. In 1990 and daughter Maggie Marie Sajak in 1995, via Oprah Magazine.

White, on the various other hand, was very first engaged to Young and the Restless actor man Gibson, that was tragically eliminated in a plane crash in 1986, every People. White has said his fatality was "devastating," however she was thankful for Wheel the Fortune fans because that helping her get rid of her grief. "I heard from for this reason many human being who had shared the exact same experience of shedding someone soon in one accident, and that really assisted me," she said.

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In 1990, White married restaurateur George Santo Pietro, yet they filed because that divorce in 2002. Since then, White has been in a couple of relationships and also has been dating contractor john Donaldson due to the fact that 2012.