Pest Management truth Sheet #5046

James F. Dill, Pest management SpecialistClay A. Kirby, Insect Diagnostician

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Description & Biology

Spiders have actually been the subject of negative publicity for years. Your secretive nature, means of moving, and also predatory nature do them usual villains in folklore and also popular media. Are afraid of a couple of highly poisonous spiders, such as black color widow and also brown recluse spiders, has increased to encompass all spiders. Fortunately, black color widows and brown recluse spiders are not native to Maine. Spiders deserve to be considered to be advantageous when they feed on household and also garden insect pests. That is unfortunately that countless incidents the unknown skin irritation are attributed to spider bites.

Spiders have actually two body areas (a fused head and also thorax and also an abdomen) and also 8 legs. Castle are family members of insects which have 3 body regions (head, thorax and abdomen) and also 6 legs. Spiders turn silk which can be used to do webs for holding eggs, securing prey, or transportation. Part spiders wait for prey to get captured in their webs while others proactively hunt for prey. Opportunity encounters with spiders or your webbing in i can not qualify places deserve to render castle a nuisance. Part spiders may bite in self-defense once carelessly handled or accidentally trapped in clothing.

Types that spiders periodically encountered in the home incorporate wolf, parson, fisher, jumping and house spiders. Wolf and fisher spiders often tend to be large, hairy and also fast. These have tendency to float into homes from the outdoors. Fisher (Fishing) spiders are common along lakes, rivers and marshes and also can feeding on tiny fish and also tadpoles. Parson spiders are hunters that room black through a white distinctive pattern on the abdomen. Jumping spiders are smaller and more compact, often moving in short quick starts. Cellar spiders have long spindly legs and are responsible for the formation of cobwebs. They room usually stationary and associated v their webbing.

Example that a types of Jumping SpiderParson Spider
Fishing Spider – Immature Male
Female Cellar Spider (guarding she egg sac)
Wolf Spider


Spider difficulties can it is in avoided or reduced by sanitation and exclusion. Clearing the end basement clutter (including hardwood piles) eliminates harborage. Relocating outdoor wood piles away from the house also helps. Window and door screens should it is in intact and tight fitting. Cracks and also crevices in the structure and siding should be sealed or caulked to prevent entrance that spiders.

Humidity need to be lowered, if possible, in basements and also crawl spaces. Making use of dimmer or yellow porch lights will cut down top top the number of flying insects accumulating approximately the lights, therefore reducing the number of spiders feeding top top them.


Spiders and webs have the right to be removed by frequent dusting, sweeping, or vacuuming in corners, under furniture, behind pictures and other hiding places. Any type of undisturbed area may harbor spiders. Due to the fact that spiders eat insects, eliminating family members insects will aid cut down spider numbers. Together a critical resort, family formulations of products such as resmethrin, permethrin, bifenthrin, cyfluthrin, deltamethrin, tetramethrin, or pyrethrins pce in cracks and also crevices and in corners (floor and also ceiling) that rooms might be offered to control both spiders and also the insects castle eat.

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When utilizing Pesticides


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