Chameleons room not the simplest pets, or easiest reptiles to keep. That claimed however, they have the right to make an excellent pets; even for beginners!

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I think the biggest hurdle for numerous people, especially beginners, is that they just are not an excellent pets because that handling.I watch chameleons much in the same means that I do tropical fish; castle are very satisfying to treatment for and look at, yet handling them just isn’t something the is conducive to great husbandry. Chameleons additionally require a commitment come care and maintenance ~ above a level the exceeds what other reptiles require. 
None that those points make them poor pets or even daunting pets, however one does need the ideal attitude and also have the ideal expectations of what chameleons are, just how they space maintained, and also what demands they demand. 
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Chameleons space absolutely beautiful reptiles! they’re fascinating v their bright colors, varying patterns, individually moving eyes, and who could forget the tongue!!
Uniqueness and beauty aside, perform chameleons make an excellent pets? and if so, carry out they make good pets because that beginners?Join united state as we highlight few of the most well-known chameleons found in the pets industry and discuss few of the chameleons that have the right to make great pets because that the right person!

The ideal Pet Chameleon


Panther Chameleon Cost

On average, panther chameleons, (fucifer paradalis) from dependable breeders, cost all over from $250 come $500 and also up!Depending on the lineage, sub-species (local wherein they room from -morphs) and age, prices deserve to vary greatly. Rarer and much more sought after colors/morphs as well as older, an ext established people will command a greater price. 
Baby Ambiolobe panther chameleons (most common) will certainly be in the direction of the lower end of the price spectrum but also the most fragile in regards come health, acclimation, and also sensitivity. 

Veiled Chameleon Cost

Veiled chameleons often tend to be among the the very least expensive chameleons since they have been bred in captivity for many years.That said, you have the right to still intend to pay in between $100 and $500 dollars for one!Again males, rarer morphs, and exceptional quality people will constantly command greater prices 보다 young, wild kind individuals.

Jackson’s Chameleon Cost

Jackson’s chameleons have the right to be purchased for $125 come $180 and also up. There are three subspecies the Jackson’s chameleons and you will most likely find trioceros jacksonii for saleThere is a dwarf species, and also a very rare Machakos Hills Jackson’s chameleon. Anything yet the trioceros jacksonii will command a premium price!
As always, purchase your chameleon indigenous a reputable breeder! it is in wary of large Box chain stores!

What provides a great Pet Chameleon?

A “good pet chameleon” is no necessarily one “easy” reptile come keep.ALL chameleons require an extra sense of responsibility and care 보다 do plenty of other reptiles. However, a determined and responsible individual have the right to absolutely very own a “good pet chameleon!”One the the most necessary rules because that success in owning a chameleon is the keeper’s expectations of the chameleon and also how those expectations match the reality of keeping such a lizard. 
Chameleons truly carry out not gain being handled; a more truthful statement would certainly be come say that, handling your chameleon have the right to actually injury it from every one of the stress.Chameleons will appreciate being observed and “loved” from afar. That doesn’t typical that owning a chameleon isn’t rewarding. Come the contrary! Having chameleons and also witnessing their resides through the “window” into the civilizations we create for them is a spectacular means to interact with nature and also these incredibly unique and also beautiful reptiles!

Perhaps a chameleon isn’t for you?

How about a crested gecko?
However, where they different is that they are really beginner friendly and are one of the simplest reptiles to have actually as pets!
Crested Gecko treatment Guide

Frequently inquiry Questions

Why perform you speak chameleons don’t favor to it is in held, mine chameleon wants to climb on me all the time?Yes, some people handle and also hold their chameleons. Part will also insist that their chameleon “likes” all the handling and also cuddling. The a natural desire for us as humans to want to interact with our beloved pet in this way. But we must understand that reptiles, and also especially chameleons, room not the very same as we are. Their needs are different, contact and also interaction with us equals stress. 
Stress death chameleons. Period. Most chameleons, wrongly seen as enjoying go or climbing around on their human being owners, room actually trying come escape indigenous the stressful environment. There is no controversy that chameleons are healthier and also live much longer the less we manage them. Can I have actually a male and also female chameleon in the exact same enclosure?The brief answer is ‘no.’
Chameleons space territorial and even males and also females v fight every other. Many times to the death (especially if in one enclosure whereby one cannot get away native the other).If lock don’t dice from the fighting, countless will perish due to the fact that of the significant amount that stress. (Again, tension KILLS)
Do Chameleons Bite?Chameleons bite, they have teeth, and also they can hurt!Some chameleons bite and let go; others bite and hold on for dear life, pulling and tearing right into flesh.Not only does biting ache you and also can cause harm to her chameleon, but the tension from being in a instance where her chameleon bites you additionally causes stress!Chameleons are finest left perceived at a distance and not handled. 

Other Chameleons

Senegal, Flap-Necked, Graceful Chameleons

“Flap-neck Chameleon (Chamaeleo dilepis)” by Bernard DUPONT is license is granted under CC BY-SA 2.0Flap neck chameleons are huge chameleons getting to 14 inches and are indigenous to sub-Saharan Africa. Considerations:Senegal chameleons are smaller chameleons averaging 7-12 inchesa bit much more rare and not as likely to be viewed as the height three chameleonsall of these have the right to be uncovered captive-born

Carpet Chameleons

“Carpet Chameleon (Furcifer lateralis)” by Bernard DUPONT is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0Considerations:The most typical chameleon uncovered in MadagascarOften referred to as “jeweled chameleons since of your stunning colorationAdults typical 6-12 inchesUnusual because that chameleons, the females space the more ornate and also colorful

Pygmy Chameleons

“Antongil leaf Chameleon, Nosy Mangabe, Madagascar” by Frank Vassen is licensed under CC by 2.0Considerations:

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Remarkably tiny in size, averaging 3 come 3 1/2 inches (some species can it is in as small as 1 inch!)Resemble dead leaves, twigs, or mossOne of the few species that can be housed in groups Short expectation of 1 to 3 years

Are Chameleons great Pets?

If chameleons have actually piqued your interest and also you are thinking around getting one (we think it is a great idea through the way) simply do your research and be all set to provide for your needs and also requirements. Are chameleons an excellent pets? We certainly think they deserve to be!Prepare and develop the right mindset before you purchase your chameleon and also we guarantee the you’ll be much more successful and your chameleon will certainly be happier, healthier, and also live much longer!