There are typically two various standards for ice hockey rink dimensions and also size. The north American rink size is additionally the standard for the NHL. The various other most typical rink size is the European-size rink or worldwide rink.

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Let’s take a look at at several of the vital measurements and also distances supplied in hockey.

Hockey Rink Size

The nationwide Hockey league (NHL) rink ice surface ar is 200 feet long and 85 feet wide. The international rink ice surface ar is 197 feet long and also 98.4 feet wide.

An international hockey rink is about the exact same length but considerably broader than an NHL rink. Bigger ices adjust the format of play. It offers for a more wide-open style of pat with an ext space and much more time. The pace of play tends to it is in slower, and the video game turns come puck possession. Still, a shooter’s angles are not rather as great when forced wide.

As you have the right to see, the blue lines room 50 feet apart from each other or 25 feet indigenous the red line.

NHL Hockey Rink Diagram


Hockey plank Dimensions

The wall or boards the encircles the rink stand in between 40 and 48 inches tall.

How large is the Hockey goal Crease?

The folds or goal crease is the area directly in prior of the nets. It’s significant by a red border through a blue interior. Two right lines prolong 4.5 feet perpendicularly native the goal line, one foot outside each score post. They’re connecting by a 6-foot radial line. The lines room 2 inches thick.

Offensive players are not permitted to get in the area uneven they have actually possession that the puck. It’s a means to defend the goalie.

Hockey Puck Size

The black, vulcanized rubber disk used in hockey is generally 1 inch thick and 3 inch in diameter. The weight can vary between 5.5 and 6 ounces.

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Game Time

Three periods, every lasting 20 minutes, make up a professional hockey game. The total game time is 60 minutes long. Groups switch sides after each duration and overtime.

High school and youth hockey video game times are sometimes much shorter in length, with 3 17-minute durations or less.

FAQs about Hockey

When watching a hockey game, a couple of questions can arise past the game’s strategies, tactics, and rules. We’re here to help.

How do ice rinks work?

Typically, cold concrete is used to do ice in a multi-stage process. Metal pipes are put inside the concrete slab under the ice. A refrigeration plant used freezing cold glycol that runs with the pipes. This causes the concrete to drop well listed below the freeze mark. Thin layers of ice cream are included to build a smooth surface right for skating.

How room lines applied to the ice cream of a hockey rink?

The ice cream is built up in step to acquire to .75 full thickness. The first layer of ice cream is about a half-inch thick. At this point, lines and other markings room painted top top the ice – precise painted on. The rink is climate flooded and frozen again to acquire to the last thickness. The lines, logos, and markings present through and remain defended by the last layer the ice.

How special is hockey ice?

The ice on a professional ice rink is around .75 customs thick.

What is a Zamboni?

A Zamboni is an ice resurfacing machine that you’ll watch run in between periods in ~ hockey games. Named after its inventor candid J. Zamboni that Philadelphia, it’s come to be an symbol of modern-day hockey. When it’s a trademarked name, the ax is sometimes used generically, if incorrectly, to refer to any ice resurfacing machine.

A Zamboni washes a rink’s ice, shaves it, and also leaves a thin layer of water to frozen over and also smooth out the surface. Mesmerizing to watch; what son at a hockey game doesn’t desire to drive among these poor boys?

Why is a hockey jersey sometimes referred to as a “sweater”?

In the beforehand days of the sport, players actually wore sweaters, unlike the thin jersey material of today.

When to be the very first goalie mask used?

In 1927 Clint Benedict was the very first goalie ever before to use a mask to safeguard his face. A mask would certainly not be used again until 1959 when Jaques Plante that the Montreal Canadiens offered one after taking a shot to the head through a puck.

Hockey funny Facts

The video game has a rich history. Go you know these fun hockey facts?

Hockey Pucks

The fastest hockey puck shot go 110 miles every hour. Alexander Ryazantsev shoot it.Most NHL games use around a dozen pucks.The official NHL puck is make by Sherwood Hockey of Canada.Did you recognize that hockey pucks are frozen for the game? A frozen puck moves faster and also eliminates part bouncing.A “squid” is the name for the puck in underwater hockey.In part parts, the an initial hockey pucks offered outdoors were mall chunks of frozen cow dung. (I’m guessing most players would desire it come be yes, really cold.)One nickname because that a hockey puck is “biscuit.” Players shot to put the biscuit in the basket (the net) for a goal.

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Hockey Sticks

Chicago Blackhawks star Stan Mikita developed the bent hockey stick accidentally as soon as he caught his rod in a door.Hockey players recorded their rod in the beforehand 1900s to safeguard the hardwood from being damaged, offering them much longer lives. Nowadays, taping might take place for a range of reasons including a better grip ~ above the puck, much better grip because that the hands and even therefore they have the right to write your names quickly on it.

By Mike O’Halloran