To complete your decision Reef trip Book, follow the overview below. Some animals may take part time to appear.

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Acorn Barnacle: The acorn barnacle is found to the upper right of the Flippers and Fins door top top the rocks.


Brain Coral: The brain coral is sitting on the ocean floor ~ above the left side of crystal Reef.


Clown Fish: The clown fish is swimming near the surface, to the left of the ladder.


Feather Duster Worm: The feather duster worm is uncovered near the door to Flippers and Fins.


Flounder: The flounder can be discovered swimming in a school near the surface ar of the water.


Humpback Whale: The humpback whale have the right to be viewed swimming v the space near the bottom of crystal Reef.


Lobster: Above the door come Flippers and also Fins is where the lobster sits.


Marlin: The marlin swims across the screen listed below the Flippers and Fins door.


Pufferfish: The pufferfish swims throughout the display near the Flippers and Fins door.


Staghorn Coral: The staghorn coral is situated to the left of the lobster.


Stingray: The stingray deserve to be found swimming follow me the bottom that the area.


Tube Sponge: The tube sponge is farming to the right of the Flippers and also Fins door.



After finding all of the crystal Reef animals, you’ll be rewarded v a Pufferfish Plushie.


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top top June 18, 2013 / Journey publication / 214 comment

9:05 to be on in march 10, 2014

Lying top top the absent under the authorize he will certainly open and also close his eyes


Kute Penguina
7:48 am on might 16, 2014

Where Kristen? What sign and also more?


9:34 afternoon on January 27, 2014

thx this realy aided me now i finished my entirety aj book and if u wanna include me my name is



7:27 pm on December 29, 2013

U have to click on the anemone and also the clown fish will come out prefer that. I invested 15 minute waiting, and waiting and waiting because that the clown fish to come out. Then i clicked on the anemone and also he come out..


4:16 am on November 23, 2013

I can’t click the flounder

1:29 am on august 23, 2013

The flounder isn’t in the trip book.

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12:00 to be on November 22, 2013

The flounder is under the sign to go as much as the beach, notification the eyes

7:50 afternoon on April 4, 2014

That’s not even a Flounder it’s a Yellow Tang

9:45 afternoon on November 30, 2014

I counldnt discover on the the animals. The 1 through weird eyes.

4:36 afternoon on January 2, 2015

Actually, that is, but this website is WRONG!!! The flounder is camouflaged under the decision Sands sign. ( In the trip book, the flounder is directly over the brain coral.)

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