Do friend remember Andy Milonakis? The guy who became an overnight star v his tune ‘Superbowl Is Gay’ and also later showed up on his own present ‘Andy Milonakis Show’ top top MTV and MTV2.

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Milonakis buzz the society media through his amusing twitter through jokes about girlfriend and also wife. Throughout his career, that has showed up on countless TV series movies and even released his singles too.

The 43-year-old comedian watch young like he is in his twenties. What’s the secret behind his young looks? exactly how much is his worth? let’s discuss.

Andy Milonakis

Quick Facts

Full NameAndrew Michael Milonakis
Net Worth$ 2 million
Date that Birth 30 January 1976
Place that BirthKatonah, new York,, united States
Age43 years
ProfessionActor, comedian, rapper, streamer
Marital StatusSingle
EducationEJay High School

Andy Milonakis: just how old is he? Is the gay?

Andrew Michael Milonakis to be born on 30 January 1976, in Katonah, brand-new York, and raised in Westchester. Andrew was born with congenital growth hormone deficiency which makes him look and sound favor an adolescent boy while gift an adult. He is 43 year old now.

Andy graduated from Jay High School. During his high school, he was bullied for being a fat kid. He began using humor sense to escape far from bullying.

Many human being have speculated that the comedian is gay. Also women asked him the he was gay since they believed he is a girl. However, that declared, no, he is straight forward. Andy post his song Super key Is Gay on YouTube which went famous on almost everywhere the internet in 2003. This song made the an overnight sensation.

Career: Movies and also Televisions

American comedian and also actor climbed to fame after his video Superbowl Is Gay and Jimmy Kimmel to be impressed with his singing, reasoning Andy to be a kid. Actually, that is not, in ~ the time, Milonakis was 26 year old.

After that, Milonakis acquired his own present named The Andy Milonakis on MTV and MTV2 in 2005. His display theme song consisted of the line When life hands me lemons, i make beef stew. The present ended in 2007 yet not his career and has maintained busy since then.

After the show ended, he ongoing performing with roles as comedian movies like Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous, excessive Movie, and the franchise of Waiting. While not all the movie came to be hit, the still satisfied with his earnings.

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Apart from movies, he made his figure on a small screen, play the role of Roma Arnold ~ above Comedy Central’s The Kroll present in 2013. In addition, Andy’s voice is pretty recognized and also apparently, the lent his voice for an animated movie series Adventure as N.E.P.T.R. From 2010 to 2018. 

From 2016 come 2018, Andy Milonakis voice the lead character the Danny Douglas for Disney XD’s Future-Worm!. The show based on adventures together he and also his worm time travel by making use of their lunch box-shaped time machine

Rapping and also Collaboration Work

Milonakis loves rapping and also even uploaded his very first rapping video titled The Andy Milonakis Rap. ~ above his video, he linked his rap and comedy an abilities in GGN. In 2009, he exit his very own mixtape titled Hot Soup that featured 15 songs including lead single I do It. 

the 2015 year stood together a big year because that Andy. The collaborated with rapper Gucci Mane and Chief Keef and also released two singles G.L.O.G.A.N.G.and My House. Moreover, that featured on chef keef’s Hot Shit and Gucci Mane’s Right Now. In an interview, the comedian said that a lot of rappers were scared to perform a track with someone favor him. They assumed it’s too strange or not real.

in 2002, the teamed up through rapper Riff Raff and Simon Rex to exit an EP ¡Three Loco!

Andy Milonakis Dating?

When it concerns his private life, Andy Milonakis keeps far from the public and also media eye. However, he sometimes jokes about the subject relating to marriage and relationship on society media. He take it Twitter to shared the news the he cheated on her girlfriend because that a brand-new pussy pocket.

My girlfriend's saying ns cheated on her because I bought a new pocket pussy. Weird, since I didn't know my old bag pussy could talk

— Andy Milonakis (
andymilonakis) October 17, 2017

Back in might 2017, the comedian presented to his girlfriend Dolores and asked the questions around his sexuality straight, the was no gay. Not just that Milonakis announced Dolores as his girlfriend and also committed. Also, the two mutual screen space in YouTube videos. Further, castle were captured getting Dolores a bathtub in a tub full of Orbeez.

He once tweeted stating, Andy can’t wait to get married simply to wake up next someone annoying. Moreover, there room no rumors date someone together of the existing writing.

Net Worth

Andy Milonakis network worth is $2 million, as of 2019.

The multi-talented Andy makes his ear from the miscellaneous sources. He has actually been affiliated in the entertainment industry for much more than a decade and also worked in numerous movies and also televisions. In addition, the generates extra wealth form his society media.

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Social Media

Andy Milonakis is renowned for his hilarious videos top top YouTube i m sorry are different from the typical comedy videos. Andy not only write-ups quirky videos on his channel but likewise on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram together well.